Everything Has Changed

Back in another lifetime, I wrote this little blog entry.

August 20, 2009:

What would you like to be doing two years from now?

I have a new boss and this is a question on his “getting to know you” page. Um…HOW THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW?

Probably not the answer he’s looking for.

I remember a time when I thought I knew the answer. How did all that turn out? I’m not a mom. My marriage is a wreck. Another relationship is in the toilet. I take three medications daily to keep from going off the deep end. My acting career is well…let’s just say Off-Off Broadway is not where I wanted it to be at this point. Instead I sit for eight hours a day in a beige cubicle, staring at a computer.

I know what kind of answer he wants for this question and I’ll suck it up and write some corporate babble for him, but seriously–this is not the question you want staring you in the face first thing in the morning in the middle of a very bad week. 

Oh my.

You silly woman, had you only known what was to come. Two months after writing that, I met a man. Eight months after meeting that man we found ourselves staring at a pregnancy test shouting, “Holy shit”! Something both of us never thought would happen in our respective lives had happened. We chose to embrace the blessing. Our families embraced the blessing. He put a ring on my finger; we moved to a larger apartment and did our best to prepare for the storm that is Baby Jack. It’s been two years since I wrote that blog entry and everything has changed.

It’s fucking awesome.

So here I am again, internet. Ever so sleep deprived (bless you, dear child), but in a happy place, ready to play again.


Everything Has Changed — 7 Comments

  1. If I lived in New York, I would totally come to see you in a play! The last plays I went to were Peter Pan starring Sandy Duncan; and Annie, starring Andrea McArdle. My parents brought me to see Annie because I was adopted, and they wanted me to understand (at age 5) that adopted kids can be okay, too. To this day, I can’t listen to “Tomorrow” sung by Andrea without bawling like a baby! My grandparents brought me to see Peter Pan, and it was great watching Sandy fly around on wires.

    I despise questions like that from anyone, let alone a new or potential boss. Having two kids and attending college leaves me absolutely no time to ponder where I’d like to be!

  2. Questions like that are ass. It’s great to look forward, but please-the here and now has to be attended to!

    I love Annie – there was a version at Madison Square Garden a few years ago and two of my girlfriends and I went. We were so ridiculously excited. 30 year old women freaking out about seeing Annie live!

    • Dude I totally forgot about that night….did we really go see Annie? HAHAHA I love you! This may become my new obsession…reading your blog, not Annie..=)

  3. Congrats! I got here by following a random tweet. Gives me hope that at 45, still single and childless a similar whirlwind might come along. Happy 2012!

    • Happy 2012, Steve! Those whirlwinds always come when you least expect it – ask my 40-something husband! (wow that feels weird/good to type)

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