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So what did you do for the holidays? We got married! After much back and forth debate over what type of wedding to have, where to have it, who to invite, etc. etc. etc…we decided to stuff it and head on down to City Hall and do the deed. It was time. Past time really, we’d been wanting to get married for a long time and we’d both done the big, traditional wedding before in previous lifetimes. Vows are vows, it really doesn’t matter where you make them or how you make them as long as you mean them. And we do.

So downtown we went a few days before Christmas to get our license. It was our intention to ask our friend, Rachel, to marry us in our living room, but she was off to London the next morning and with a 24 hour waiting period required before the “ceremony” could take place we had to let that idea go. Off we went to celebrate Christmas down South with my family – we’d sort out the actual hitching later.

Back in NYC on the 27th we decided to go down to City Hall again and just be semi-traditional about the whole thing. Roger texted his sister to ask her to be a witness and I did the same with my friend, Nicole. Arrangements made, we settled on meeting at 2pm on the 29th.

Nicole brought me flowers:

We paid our $25 fee (I have no idea why I look like I’m about to go off on someone…):

And waited for our number to be called:

Kept the baby entertained:

Checked out the gift shop (I still think we should have bought the fridge magnet):

And suddenly it was our turn. A man with a booming voice performed the short ceremony, it was altogether very sweet:

And now we’re married! We even have the super cheesy City Hall backdrop photo to prove it:

Personally we much prefer this one – the holiday decorations were still up!

Many thanks to Jackie and Nicole for rushing downtown last minute to witness. And bless you, Nicole for the iphone pictures!



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    • Well all I know,we cebtlraee our Anniversay only. We meet 20 yrs ago at the Fiesta Del Rancho in Concepcion,Tx in Oct. We still go every year + we got married in the same small town in February 1986..maybe I would feel different if he proposed to me,but we decided after 3-5 yrs of dating & living together that we were in love & the next step for us was to get married so we just cebtlraee our wedding day & we still go to same Fiesta every 1st weekend of October

  1. Best news of the holiday and my favorite holiday pictures (well, except for those of Jack’s first Christmas of course! Congratulations, and wishing you both much joy and happiness.

    • My haubsnd and I had a Christmas wedding (though about a week before Christmas- not on the actual day- we did want people to actually come!!). I carried red roses, my favorite, the bridesmaids had white ones with green dresses, we had pine garland up the aisles with big red bows, and white pearl lights in them. We had a Christmas tree on our dance floor decorated with giant pointesetas in white & red, and an angel on top that we still use each year! It wasn’t my ‘dream’ wedding (I love Disney and honestly wanted a Cinderella wedding- though Christmas is my favorite holiday so I was happy with my second choice!), but it was my perfect wedding since I married my best friend that day!!

  2. I can honestly say that was the best lunch hour ever. Thank you for having me as a witness to such a beautiful day. I love all three of you with all my heart.

    • I saw your wedding picture/anniversary post on Instagram the other day-so fun! J was a ball of chub as a baby-so funny to look at now. He’s a 3 year old bean pole.

    • Thank you! I wish I’d gotten a picture of our number – NYC City Hall is like the DMV, you get a number and watch the screen for your turn!

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