I Must Remember These Moments

I have a lot to catch up on here. For one thing, Jack turned ONE! Holy shit, I have a one year old. It’s amazing and terrifying and wonderful and all these words I just cannot find. He’s turning into a little person right before our eyes. He’s trying to say things, big things. He takes steps. Every single day he stands a little taller and takes a few more steps with a bit more confidence and I know that soon he will run and climb and I will be even more exhausted than I am now. But right now I want to remember these days when he crawls into our bedroom and pulls himself up below the window and points and begs to be lifted up to look out at the world. Self, remember this. Remember it well for it is sweet and precious.


For as long as you will let him, he will stand there in the window pointing and babbling at all the traffic and people on Third Avenue. It’s important stuff this monitoring of the traffic. He’s got it covered good people of the way Upper East Side, never fear, Jack is on duty.


I love it most when he reaches up and puts one tiny arm around my neck and leans his head against mine. He carries on pointing and babbling, telling me stories I can’t understand yet and my heart just swells with all the love I have for him.



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