Easter Sunday. Another Mess of Pictures That DIDN’T GET TAKEN.

We suck at parenting. Clearly. We always forget to have the camera out and when we do get it out…the pictures blow.

For Easter my mother sent her youngest grandchild a sweet outfit to wear. Blue gingham with smocking. Smocking. For a child who lives in New York City. Only my mother…  I’m joking though as secretly I adore this outfit and think all babies should dress like this. Sweet and precious. He kept pointing to the bunnies on it. I nearly died from the cute.

Roger said, “We need to get pictures”! I said, “Oh my gosh, you’re right”! and we both grabbed cameras and failed.

Exhibit A: Please stand still so we can show grandma you’re wearing her outfit! Well, he’s sort of still. Note blurriness of hanger in his hand-the rest of this series feature his body being that blurry.

Exhibit B: Okay, here are some cardboard tubes that you love. Will you hold them and sit still for a minute? No?

Exhibit C: Maybe I can catch him being cute with dinner? Nope, all food was disgusting for Easter. Even (especially?) mashed potatoes. Le sigh. He wouldn’t even deign to look cute while being disgusted!

Exhibit C: Day is almost done and I realize that yet again (repeat of his first birthday) I have no photo of myself and my adorable child. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE OF ME AND MY CHILD??? This is the best of the bunch. And it’s awful.

I hereby resolve to stake out good photo taking locations in the apartment BEFORE company arrives for special occasions. I will then force people to take the photo and boss them around saying things like, “Look, could you just get on the same level here?”, “Um, NO the sun will be behind us if you stand there!”, and “OH COME ON!!!”

I console myself for now that we’re having a pro take photos of Jack this coming weekend. I’ll make the kid wear the cute Easter outfit again and we’ll just pretend this whole disaster never happened.

You can Instagram it. Still shit.



Easter Sunday. Another Mess of Pictures That DIDN’T GET TAKEN. — 3 Comments

  1. Girl, you crack me up. I have always felt the best family photos are the craziest ones! You know, like when everyone is looking somewhere else, someone is crying or trying to get off a lap, hair sticking up, etc! I think the pics are beautiful 🙂

  2. Get down closer to him. You want to take photos at his eye level, not from above. Get close, really close. The photo of you and Jack on the chair would be so much better shot from a lower angle, and cropped tight. The background is too distracting. Yes, you can crop it afterwards, but you’ll lose resolution.

    It looks like you’re not using flash – just natural light, so that’s good. Crank up the ISO on your camera to eliminate the blur (or use a faster shutter speed, which may be difficult depending on the light). He’s not gonna sit still, so get candid shots of him whenever you can. You’ll capture the best moments that way, and they’ll come out more natural and endearing.

    Here are some additional tips:



    Jay ( @jbwphoto on Twitter)

    • Oh thank you so much, Jay! I’ll pass this on to Roger too, as he’s usually in charge of trying to get one of me & Jack together. Poor man.

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