The toddler years may kill me.

This is a picture of Jack taken last Saturday:

Adorable, right? Well, the sad truth is that this was taken in between tantrums. The “I don’t want to be on the grass, grass is WEIRD and it might touch my hands!!!’ tantrum and the “LET ME PLAY WITH THE GATE TO THE SWINGS AREA, DAMNIT!!!” tantrum. The picture though looks so sweet and idyllic. The picture LIES. Everything inside seemed to be pissing him off so we thought we’d try the park to soak up some beautiful weather before that Nor’easter ruined the rest of the weekend.  We pictured ourselves tossing a ball in the park and enjoying some quality time as a family…

Jack had other plans.

Jack has many other plans. He plans to never sleep for longer than four hours at a time. He plans to climb inside the refrigerator or dishwasher every time you open it. (he has super sonic hearing and will come running anytime either are even touched) He plans to scream and fuss to be held every time he sees a cup of coffee in my hand for maybe the next 17 or so years. He plans to flip out in music class every time it’s time to put away the shaker eggs (music class…half good idea, half stupidest thing I’ve ever done). He plans to alternately charm and annoy every passenger on the M96 bus. He plans to run into parking garages in pursuit of SHINY CARS…and then to burst into tears when I explain that cars are dangerous and we do not chase them. We do not throw blocks at the cat. We do not twist Daddy’s glasses off his face. We do not bite when we are angry…

Oh Jack.

At 14 months he thinks he’s ready to take on the world. He’s so angry at having limits. The tantrums are world class I tell you. Having vivid memories of myself as a young child lying across my bed kicking my heels on the wall hoping it would leave marks because I was THAT pissed off…well, I guess my mother is laughing her ass off right about now. I would be.





The toddler years may kill me. — 8 Comments

  1. I love this, a sort of “Behind the Music” for photos. “On the surface, it seemed everything was going great for Jack and his band. But when the cameras were off, it was turbulent and full of animosity. Relationships were becoming strained.” Then comes the part where the band breaks up because Jack starts snorting heroin, I think. Or in actual Jack’s case, he starts drinking apple juice 🙂

  2. I love this! Hilarious. Girl we’re going through the same thing right about now only mine (twins. eek!) are about three months ahead. Just remember to give yourself a time out or two. If not, you’ll begin entertaining ideas of drop kicking your little one out of the closest window. lol! jk… sort of.
    Love the blog girl. Stopping through from SITs Spring Fling.
    ,your newest fans over at We Got Kidz 😉

    • so close to jumping out the window tonight. Twins…bless you. I’ll be running over to read about them now! 🙂

  3. And now I’m laughing my ass off. Not at you, but with you. My Jack is named Eamon. He’s 4 and while his tantrums have subsided a bit, he is still my tester and the little man who wants to defy limits at every opportunity. He is my exhausting little ball of fire and charm. Thanks for the laugh, because really, it’s what gets me through days like the one you described. I found you through SITS girls and I’ll be following along for sure.

    Have a great night.

    • Thanks, Erin! It was another day full of tantrums here – your nice words have helped. I’ll be following you too!

  4. Wow, what a clean, well-designed place you have here. This is the way I daydream my mind will one day look. But it ain’t happening. Anyway, your son’s adorable, and your blog looks beautiful. Good design and the funny? Winning combo. I found you via the SITS thing. Feel free to check out my stuff (didn’t mean that naughtily), but don’t feel any social obligation to follow. Honestly. I’m not trying to make work for you…

    • only “clean” cause I’m too lazy to go find cool widgets and whatnot… seriously. L.A.Z.Y. But thank you 🙂

      followed you on Twitter – heading over to blog read now!

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