Playtime! Affordable Childcare for Theatergoers

One the great things about living in New York City is all the cultural opportunities that are available to us. We can’t wait to start sharing them with Jack as he grows up, but sometimes we need some time just for us…know what I mean? I recently learned about a wonderful childcare service for theatergoers called Playtime! and I cannot wait until Jack is old enough for us to take advantage of it.

Playtime! is the first program to provide childcare during theatrical shows in NYC. Founded by Playwrights Horizons Managing Director Leslie Marcus, the program provides excellent childcare at (or near) the theater at an extremely affordable rate. The service is available to any type of ticket buyer for participating shows for just $15 per child. Childcare is provided by Sitters Studio a fully bonded and insured agency that employees professional artists who are, “persuing their dreams while sharing their artistic gifts with children”. While you’re enjoying a show your child will be learning songs, dances, making crafts and playing theater games. In a nutshell, you’ll BOTH have a great artistic experience.

Playtime! is for children ages 4-12 who are potty-trained. Currently it’s available mostly for weekend shows at Playwrights Horizons, Signature Theatre and The Westside Theatre. The hope is that the program will become a model for other performing arts programs. Can you imagine that? How wonderful that would be! Parents desperately need this type of  service – at $14-$20 an hour for a sitter in NYC, going out for date night is not cheap. Add that cost to the cost of your theater tickets and you’re likely to just not go at all. I love the idea of Playtime! as an affordable option to get parents back to the theater. It’s something fun and enriching for the kids that also gives the parents a break (financially, mentally and spiritually).  I really hope it’s still around when Jack is old enough!

To learn more about Playtime! visit their website

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