Dress up time!

This is a picture of me taken with my phone, by Roger on Saturday night on West 79th Street. I thought I looked damn good and wanted this documented because it just doesn’t happen all that much anymore.

I do not miss work (let’s be honest, administrative assistant downgraded to receptionist was not really a career…), but what I do miss is getting to wear nice looking clothes. Oh sure I could tart myself up at home, but my options are limited. I need to be able to crawl around on the floor, dodge flying grilled cheese sandwiches and flung yogurts and oh yeah, I have to be able to get a boob out whenever Jack needs boob. Which is often, but we don’t need to get into that right now…

Jeans, t-shirts and nursing tank tops seem to be the best I can do most days. Hair is scraped into a ponytail to avoid having fist fulls of it pulled out during another round of peek-a-boo. Why does peek-a-boo always end with my hair being pulled out? WHY??? Make-up is kinda pointless. There is absolutely no product on Earth that can hide the circles under my eyes. I do make an effort if we’re leaving the building and I dash some mascara on and swipe some blusher on hoping it’ll perk me up. Lip balm is good. Lip balm doesn’t show up on the baby’s face after I smother him in kisses. Which really must be done several times a day. I mean, have you seen him??? You’d smother him in kisses too.

I have yet to succumb to the yoga pants cliché. Mainly because yoga pants show panty lines thus requiring thong underwear. No thanks. I’m good with my cotton granny panties. Why be uncomfortable?

We were talking about Saturday though. Saturday. We had an invitation to a fun, rooftop party and a babysitter lined up. After debating the merits of various outfits with my sister via text we settled on the new maxi dress I had bought with a gift card from Christmas. The dress you see is new but everything else I’ve had for ages. Including the gold high heeled sandals I wore as a bridesmaid eight years ago.

Lipstick is Nars Matte Velvet Lip Pencil in Cruella. It’s my favorite lip color of all time. Look at it! Fabulous.

And that dress? Nursing mamas, you need it. The neckline is crossover and perfectly pulls aside to let the boob out. It’s low cut, but not low enough to reveal my frumpy nursing bras. The gathered, slightly high waist will cover any post baby wobbliness still left. I LOVE THIS DRESS! It’s currently on sale at Macy’s.

So there you have it – a brief return to style. And for the record, I hit TWO parties that night and didn’t go home until 2:30 in the morning*. Mama’s still got it.

*many thanks to Roger for getting up with Jack Sunday morning and taking him to the park for several hours. Mama really shouldn’t stay out until 2:30…ever.



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