And Then He Blew Me Kisses

Today Jack turned 16 months old, and as I left his room after saying goodnight he looked up at me from his crib and smiled, then he put his hand to his mouth and released it quickly in that way a little child blows kisses. He blew me a kiss goodnight. I smiled back at him and blew him a kiss too.

I came out to the living room and switched on the video monitor and sat there watching him arrange his teddy and bunny and his two blankies so that he could lie down the way he wanted to. There was no crying. My little boy who has fought sleep so hard core these past 16 months just blew me a kiss goodnight with a big smile and then made himself comfortable and went to sleep. Oh he’ll still wake up crying for me around 2 or 3 in the morning, but my god he understands what bedtime is now and he actually goes to sleep for a few hours and I can breathe (or sleep).

I sent Roger an excited text – “HE BLEW ME KISSES AGAIN!!! IT’S A THING!!!”

Last night I had lingered after we put him the crib. I like to tell him that we’ll be there if he needs us, but now it’s time for sleep so we can play tomorrow. I leaned down for one more kiss and then as I was opening the door to leave he looked up and blew me a kiss. Totally unprovoked. When I came out to the living room I almost burst into tears telling Roger about it. This little boy – this child of mine – who HATES to sleep just cheerfully blew me a kiss from his crib where he knows he’s been put to go to sleep. He loves me. He doesn’t mind going to bed. It’s amazing.

And OH that little chubby hand sending that kiss up to me. Holy crap that makes a day full of nonsense just disappear.

16 months and he’s taken a huge step for himself. My little boy. Thank you.



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