Me without internet for a week…shocking but true!

Last week we three took off for the wilds of Pennsylvania to hang out with some dear friends, new friends and all their children. “Wilds” might be a bit of an exaggeration for a golf and ski resort that has a day spa, but dudes, THERE WAS NO INTERNET OR CELL PHONE SERVICE.

It was the “wilds” of Pennsylvania, I’m telling you.

Two swimming pools (Jack now loves the pool), a lake with a beach, an Equestrian Center that offers pony rides for the wee ones…THE WILDS.

Cocktails for us moms with lunch on Friday followed by a delightful hour long aromatherapy massage (“Your shoulders are really tense, what do you do?” “My 17 month old weighs 25 pounds” “Ah”)…WILDERNESS, PEOPLE!


That was me Friday while using the Wi-Fi available at the clubhouse. Please note the hashtag that also posted this to Facebook. Pathetic.

What oh what did I do without internet or cell phone service? Lemme see…I read several issues of National Geographer Traveler and House Beautiful, read through half of “A Clash of Kings”, another mystery novel on the Kindle app, napped, drank wine, watched my little boy conquer his fear of the swimming pool, went to a crazy retro amusement park where we scared poor Jack with the kiddie rides, took family photos, had an afternoon at the spa(!), and basically just chilled the heck out. Finally.

When can we do it again?

This is the part of the post when I should mention that Eagle Rock Resort in Pennsylvania has internet at the Lodge and I could pick up cell service when at the top of the hill. Down in the valley though…no Sprint. C’est la vie…being cut off for a week was a good thing 🙂  


Me without internet for a week…shocking but true! — 4 Comments

    • Gah! I have no idea how this ended up in spam. Note to self…check spam folder OFTEN!

      It was a really good experience for all of us I think. TV time was incredibly limited too – it was AWESOME.

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