Gentlemen, attend to your undergarments please.

I have a lot of girlfriends. We chat daily via email and often get together to chat over a bottle (many bottles really) of wine or a fine tequila beverage (hello, margaritas!). Now, I don’t mean to blow the lid off a big secret here, but guys, we talk about you.

Yes, we really do.

And not to blow the lid off an even larger secret, but we talk about intimate stuff. Like your underpants. Witness this tidbit: “I noticed in the dressing room that one of the guys in my show was wearing Tommy Hilfiger underwear and totally got distracted by the fact that a man was wearing NICE underwear and then wondered if some past girlfriend or other woman got them for him and then almost got caught staring embarrassingly”.  Please note that my girlfriend wasn’t staring at his “package” or whatever, she was just staring at a nice pair of underpants. This observation kicked off a firestorm of “OH MY GOD HIS UNDERPANTS”.

Apparently you men need to step it up in the underpants department. It’s really only fair, guys. You want us in Victoria’s Secret? We’d like some clean, well fitting, hole free underpants. Boxers or briefs or boxer-briefs. They need to be nice. We’re not asking for silk or crazy patterns or really much of anything beyond basic clean and tidy. Clean and tidy. Okay?

Now in the interest of science I’d like to expand my sample size and will now poll the internet on the state of men’s undergarments.

First up, how were things looking the first time you saw those tighty whities?


And how about now? Does being in a committed relationship make for better boxers?


And finally for the menfolk: …well no, actually I don’t feel like making a poll for you. You can just defend yourself in the comments below.

And then we’ll all likely pour another glass of wine and dissect your comments. It’s what we do.


Gentlemen, attend to your undergarments please. — 3 Comments

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  2. Ok, I saw this on a link from your current post and had to comment. Not all us guys are underwear slobs. Sure, when I was younger and single I wore mine until they fell apart, as most of us do. As I got older and more aware of dressing better (and had a bunch of girlfriends who notice these things) I splurged on the good stuff. Funny post as it did bring back some memories.

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