Jack is cooler than all of us. #inevitable

Last Saturday was pretty full for us: an event in the morning, lazy family brunch, and then witnessing a wedding for strangers. I’ll lay it out for you hopefully tomorrow as it was all pretty cool. The day was capped off  by stopping at Hotel Gansevoort to ride the elevator up to Plunge for a fancy beverage toast to the newlyweds.  It was fun. I’ve always wanted to check Plunge out and let’s face it, I’d never have the patience to deal with the crowds at night. Jack behaved and we all enjoyed ourselves AND in what may be my proudest parenting moment yet, Hotel Gansevoort retweeted a picture of Jack hanging out on the leather sofas.  Kudos to a fancy pants scene that lets a crazy kid in to toast a newlywed couple.

But yeah, somewhere his grandmother is flipping out. BABY IN A BAR!

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