Saturday Family Day – Only in New York Edition

We’ve been making a real effort to have the weekend be family time all the time so when a friend sent out an email looking for volunteer wedding witnesses, I was hesitant to raise my hand. The timing was so perfect though and I love the location the couple had chosen so I signed us up to witness. I mean, how can you refuse to help a lovely couple from overseas have their New York moment?

Roger was scheduled to help unveil this year’s USPS holiday postage stamp and that ceremony was going to be at Chelsea Piers. Bonus: it was billed as family friendly. Santa would be in attendance! The wedding was scheduled for the afternoon on the High Line. Perfect scheduling.

In the morning we piled into a cab and headed down to Chelsea Piers to see the new holiday stamp. Roger did a fabulous job as always and Jack actually behaved! There was a brief moment of worry when he shouted out “DADA!” just as Roger was introducing Olympic gold medalist, Sarah Hughes, but what can you do…the kid likes his Daddy. After the stamp was revealed Jack refused to pose with Santa. He did say hi to Sarah:

Ate three chocolate chip cookies while Daddy and Sarah signed autographs:

Helped me take a picture or two:

And got a kick out of being in the stamp:

When he started spinning around on the floor trying to imitate the figure skaters out on the ice, we figured it was time to head out. We decided to have lunch at The Half King on 23rd Street. BEST IDEA EVER. Great menu and high chairs and GASP (no really, hold me) a changing table in one of the restrooms. Oh child-friendly NYC pubs I love you so so much.

After a leisurely meal we all headed for the High Line. Jack fell asleep one block from our destination. So much for being a ring bearer. It was a lovely wedding and this is the part where I tell you all that if you know anyone who wants to elope to NYC you have to call my friend, Rachel. Rachel is licensed to marry in New York and she will hook you up. Photographer, make-up artist, what else do you need? Oh yeah, witnesses and a sleeping ring bearer.

The happy couple:

What a gorgeous day for a wedding! The High Line was bright with autumn glory and everyone who stumbled on the wedding was so sweet. A small crowd gathered and applauded at the end of the short ceremony. There were kisses and hugs and well wishes from strangers shouted out. Then we all took a leisurely stroll down the High Line to Gansevoort Street, the photographer snapping photos all the way. Here’s her site: Look how beautiful it all was! Look at the bride’s SHOES!!!

Roger and I grabbed a few pictures of Jack – the light was beautiful and you can’t deny how fun the streets are in the Meatpacking District. It’s like walking through a movie set:

After a celebratory toast at the Hotel Gansevoort:

we all said farewell, caught a glimpse of the happy couple’s custom Converse (adorable, I didn’t even know you could do this!):

and headed for home. We tucked the boy into bed and curled up happy on our sofa together.

Deep happy sighs. I love family day. I love New York.


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  1. No one here in PA ever believes me how a normal day in Manhattan is just always extraordinary. I will send them here from now on.

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