Rhinebeck This Year – Sometimes You Only Get One Photo

Last weekend we took a drive up to Rhinebeck to go to the Sheep and Wool Festival.We had an awesome time, and in typical fashion, took a million crappy photos. I tarted some up for Instagram, but the fact remains that we had this glorious, sunny autumn day in the country and have no pretty pictures to show off. Seriously, we were at a SHEEP and wool festival and I don’t have a single picture of a sheep.

Well, Jack did learn that sheep say “Baa”. So now we have Lambie rechristened as “Baa Baa” and he must be petted and kissed and cuddled and given carrot sticks and sips of water at dinner. So that’s something.

Rhinebeck, as the knitterly crowd call the Sheep and Wool Festival, is something else, let me tell you. Booth after booth of impossibly beautiful yarns and all the patterns and inspiration you could ever need to turn that yarn into something amazing. You could go broke shopping Rhinebeck, and that’s not even getting into the wonders that are fairground food. There’s an entire building for wine and cheese and candy tasting. And beef jerky – we saw beef jerky there too. Artisanal jerky. There are sheep and goats and alpacas you can pet. Dogs will chase Frisbees and pumpkins are hurled great distances. Even if you don’t knit, Rhinebeck is a treat. What kid wouldn’t love sheep and dogs and alpacas (and jerky)? Jack got his first glimpse of real live sheep and almost lost his mind trying to get closer to them. He applauded the sheep herding dogs and went wild over the Frisbee catching ones. He carried his Baa Baa the entire time.

Come to think of it, Baa Baa may need a bath.

In any case, it WAS glorious. We watched our little boy giggle in delight, clap and dance, and run like mad through piles of fallen leaves. He was almost brave enough to pet a sheep and I was so proud. He helped me pick a pretty color of sock yarn and that was my big purchase-one skein of hand-dyed sock yarn. Pretty pathetic as Rhinebeck goes. Toddlers will save you lots of money at Rhinebeck. Take my word for it.

In the end he stood still long enough for Roger to get one decent photo of us. There is my spot of autumn color, I’m wearing a handknit scarf, and holding my precious boy. That was my Rhinebeck this year and I loved every minute of it.

Oh yeah, Jack wants to tell you that the sheep are amazing and all, but there’s an ambulance parked out by the rear restrooms at the EMT station. And right by the nursing mother’s room there’s a mural of state trooper cars and a helicopter. You guys!



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