Oh My GOD – I’m Doing Theater!

Alternate title: “holy crap, I’ve been out of the house multiple times this week!”

Before having Jack I would participate in at least two shows a year with my Off Off Broadway theater company. It was a huge part of my life. If the shows weren’t currently in rehearsal or running, we’d be planning for the next one. When I became pregnant, my involvement in all theater came to a screeching halt.

No really.

I was scheduled to audition for a show and in the week between scheduling the audition and the actual audition date I had to email the director to say, “well it turns out I’m pregnant and REALLY pregnant as I’m suddenly showing. I really doubt you want your nuns pregnant for this show so I’m gracefully bowing out before you even see me. Now, if I’m wrong and you DO want pregnant nuns…let me know. I’m your woman.”

He did not want pregnant nuns. And thus my theater life was put on hold.

Jack arrived and we assumed I’d jump back in. Only Jack never slept. Also, Jack never took a bottle. Small problem there and so me and my boobs were on duty 24/7 FOREVER.

After a year passed, I auditioned for a few things here and there. Nothing really happened and then my theater friends were kicking around an idea for The Brick’s Tiny Theater Festival out in Brooklyn. They thought it would be interesting to take a few poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay and turn them into something. I think my email reply expressing interest was, “YES PLEASE!!!”

I could go on and on for pages about how wonderful it has been to sit with my friends over poetry and glasses of wine and sharpened pencils. To play with words and movement and intention – to create. I could, but I think the best thing is to ask you to come see it for yourself. Our end result is only 10 minutes long. I think it’s a really beautiful 10 minutes and wish you all could see it. It’s performance art, yes, and will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like poetry (Millay in particular) you will like this. At least I hope you will.

For me the whole process has been a beautiful way to quietly step back into something I dearly loved and dearly missed. The rehearsal schedule wasn’t daunting and accomodated our family’s needs. Me walking out the door and leaving Jack with Roger more frequently than I ever have has been a great thing for all three of us. I used to leave the apartment and it would cue massive tears and screaming. Tonight I started to put on my coat and Jack said, “Bye!” before I could even give him a kiss. He loves his time alone with Daddy and it’s been so awesome to watch the shift. The understanding that it’s cool for Mama to go away sometimes. It’s really NOT the end of the world.

That only took 21 months…

I’d really love it if you could come see this little 10 minute piece of art we’ve made. It’s beautiful. I just happen to have a few more personal reasons for finding it so.

I Shall Forget You Presently… November 16 @ 7pm, November 17@ 9pm
part of Tiny Theater at the Brick

November 16 @ 7pm, November 17@ 9pm
part of Tiny Theater at the Brick
579 Metropolitan Avenue (L to Lorimer, G to Metropolitan)
Tickets: www.bricktheater.com





Oh My GOD – I’m Doing Theater! — 2 Comments

  1. Jenny,
    this was wonderful! I am so so sorry that I am going to miss this piece and your return to acting. It’s a good lesson in motherhood that we all learn sooner or later as well – they can live without us for a few hours and being with Daddy is good!!
    Hope to see you sometime next week (and Jack and Roger as well)
    Miss Judy

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