Sleepless in New York…Still.

It’s 11:30 and I should be in bed, but here I sit in our living room. I could lie and say I’m enjoying the quiet glow of the Christmas lights or some such crap, but in reality I’m afraid to go to bed. I will fall asleep and be rudely, shockingly jolted awake by Jack crying “Mama! Mama! MAMA!” yet again. For the past two or three weeks it’s been almost pointless to even try to sleep.

I don’t know if it was the Thanksgiving illnesses from hell that broke our good (well good for us) streak or the excitement of the season or Jack just being Jack. Whatever it is, it needs to stop. I cannot take this anymore. He’s never been a good sleeper, but we had reached an easy peace for awhile there. He would go to bed on his own happily. He would wake up only once and go back down easily. Once in a very great while he’d even sleep for almost 8 hours IN A ROW fooling us into thinking we might actually know what we’re doing here.

No more.

Bedtime is back to howling and tears and begging (from all sides really). He wakes up twice, sometimes three times a night. Last night with the beginnings of a cold he was up all night long. At roughly 2 a.m. I brought him to our bed out of sheer desperation. He laid down for about 3 seconds and then popped up to say, “Hi Dada! B-ball?”

B-BALL???? It’s 2 o’mothereffingclock in the morning kid!!!! I put him back in his crib and told him to go do a good job of falling asleep. For the next hour I had to walk back in every 10- 15 minutes to repeat the message. I’m sorry Jack, but it’s a runny nose – no fever, no nothing just the sniffles. GO BACK TO SLEEP.

I’m a zombie. You see that shirt in the photo up there? I saw it in Macy’s yesterday and I almost bought it. You’ve heard me rant mightily about baby shirts with stupid sayings on them and yet I ALMOST BOUGHT THAT SHIRT. I am THAT tired, people. I’m losing it here.

All I want for Christmas is full night of sleep. Sweet baby Jesus…just let us sleep.



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