How I Learned to Love Elmo

Before having a child, I swore I would not have Elmo in my house. I had been babysitting since I was 12 years old, I once had a full time nanny job. I knew my Elmo, and Elmo and me? We did not get along.

Then my own Jack discovered Elmo.

One day he started shouting “LaLa!” at a little boys shirt. LaLa? What the…? Elmo? He nodded furiously at me. Apparently due to the “La la la la Elmo’s World” song, Elmo is LaLa in Jack speak. I spent the summer gently guiding him away from attacking children on the playground who innocently showed up wearing Elmo t-shirts or sandals. We went on a playdate and he tried to kidnap our hostess’s Elmo doll. After that, I caved. We went to the toy store to pick out our very own Elmo, and brought him home to live with us.

What can I do? Elmo is his BEST FRIEND. Elmo takes sips of Jack’s water, he is fed crackers and  taken for walks in the doll stroller up and down Third Avenue. Once he was even (unfortunately) barfed on while providing comfort during a 24 hour vomit fest of a virus. Poor LaLa. He’s a trouper, and I love him for it. For everything from convincing Jack to take a taste of vegetables to taking one for the team with that virus – I love Elmo.

When Delta Children’s Products offered to send Jack their Elmo Upholstered Chair we happily said yes. No  one is more shocked than I am – I am now 100% friends with Elmo. No, he doesn’t match the French Country living room decor, and I’m okay with that. Like all little kids, Jack loves furniture that is just his size. I’d been shopping around trying to find something we could both agree on for Christmas, but when Jack saw the LaLa chair (as we’ve renamed it here) at the Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite Holiday event it was love at first sight. Seriously we couldn’t get him out of the thing.

Here’s a video I took of Jack when the chair arrived at our apartment. I think he enjoyed the surprise!

(note to self – next time you want to take a video with your phone? TURN THE CAMERA ON ITS SIDE)

The LaLa chair has been in constant use for the past three weeks. It’s very sturdy – which is greatly appreciated as Jack uses everything as his personal jungle gym. It cleans easily; every spilled snack has wiped up completely. Jack had been longing for a little chair all his own and I had hopes that a chair of his own would encourage some occasional quiet time. The LaLa chair has delivered big time. I love that Jack has a spot now that he doesn’t mind sitting quietly in for a bit. He’s with his friend and is as happy as can be. It has checked off a lot of boxes for us.


I think of the morning Jack woke up and still all sleepy eyed, looked up at me and asked, “LaLa Chair?”  That beat the heck out of his normal early morning requests to play soccer! I love how much he loves this chair. It’s really fun to watch. And I can have a cup of coffee in the morning before the soccer begins.


Disclosure: Delta Children’s Products sent us the Elmo chair at no cost to us. We were not obligated to write about it and were not compensated for this post and all opinions are our own. 


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