Who Gave My Husband the Flu?

So almost one week to the day after Roger files a story on this winter’s insane influenza epidemic he comes home with, you guessed it, the flu. Last Thursday night he looks up at me from his dinner plate and says, “I think I need to go to bed.”  And that was that.

It was classic. Textbook even. I slept in the living room on our pullout sofa bed for fear of catching the germs. I laid down the law and put him in quarantine. I mean, how do you keep the whole family from catching this stuff? We live in 800 square feet of cramped apartment, and it’s the dead of winter. There’s nowhere to go. Poor guy couldn’t have left the bedroom even if he wanted to anyway – the raging fever took care of that. We sent him to the doctor in a cab on Friday morning and he came back with Tamiflu. Roger had had his flu shot. He was that lucky percentage that it just didn’t work for. I really don’t think the Tamiflu did much either to be honest and if it did? Holy hell you do not want this flu.

My sister-in-law sent this little video over to me today and it gave us a good laugh, and then Roger asked if he was this bad. (with hope in his voice that he wasn’t, I might add. Bless him)

No honey, you were NOT this bad. Honestly, I think he did remarkably well. The isolation I subjected him to would have driven me insane (Well…maybe not. I am suffering under 2 years of sleep deprivation here. I think he got a lot of sleep. I’m kinda jealous of the sleep.)  I banned him from the living room and Jack’s room for all days he had a fever. So 5 days. Jack and I washed hands repeatedly and I regularly wiped things down with Lysol. No hugs, no kisses and do not touch ANYTHING of Jack’s. We did our best. So far we’ve survived, but I’m still kind of holding my breath honestly. I mean – if I come down with this stuff? I can’t even think about it…

Fingers cross, prayers said, candles lit…begging the universe to spare us. The rest of you? Get your flu shot, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, WASH YOUR HANDS, and for the love of God stay home if you’re sick. Because if I ever figure out who went out about town and gave this crap to Roger? I will take you down. You brought a sick man up in my house. Not cool….not cool.




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