Christmas in January

So does finally putting the 2012 photo ornaments together count as a Christmas craft? It better because there are only four days left in January and I’m coming down with a cold. Or is it the flu? Please oh please don’t be the flu…


Anyway, I hope the grandparents are down with this late Christmas gift. Or maybe I’ll just call it a birthday gift. I can’t decide which one to keep for us. The round frame is the same style I used for our 2011 ornament. Do I want to try to keep our yearly ornaments the same? Of course that implies that Michael’s will always carry them… Or do I go for a more eclectic look and use a different style each year?



Christmas in January — 2 Comments

  1. Girl, you will drive yourself crazy trying to stick to the same style frame each year. Go with a different one each year, save your sanity in case the frame is ever discontinued.

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