(Post) Holiday Entertaining with Momtrends

Maybe it was my Christmas in January post on Monday or the fact that Jack won’t let me take down the Christmas lights in our window yet (don’t judge)…in any case, I’ve got Christmas on the brain. I’m plotting out what to craft for my personal challenge next month and I keep reflecting back on the one true holiday party I was able to attend.

Now this post comes WAY late in the game, but as my mother likes to remind me, it is never to late to write a thank you note. So consider this my thank you note. At the end of November Momtrends held their annual Holiday Entertaining event and was kind enough to invite me.The event was held in the New Traditionalists furniture showroom. Browsing through their children’s line ducduc was an interesting peek at designing a room for a toddler and older child. There were cribs (gorgeous cribs, make no mistake) on display, but as my little guy is turning two next month – my focus is drawn towards transitioning to an older room. (sniff…)  Ducduc has a lot of really neat solutions for an older child and my mind is already hatching plans for toddler room 2013! But back on the adult side of things, I was positively drooling over a giant, upholstered bed for myself. Oh my it was gorgeous. 

There were drinks and snacks on hand courtesy of Pearl VodkaWines by Wives and Sweet Loren’s.

There was even a hint of French in the air with Catimini clothing and Bensimon shoes on display. I love Catimini clothing – so bright and colorful and happy. What children’s clothing should be. Bensimon was showing sherpa lined sneakers. SHERPA LINED SNEAKERS. Enough said. Jack needs some. I need some.

And more for Mama to want were the lovely bags by Kempton & Co. Gorgeous bags, some made of vintage textiles (!) with special compartments for your tech. Yes please. I mean, Valentines Day is coming… ahem.

Back to Jack… There was a game featured at the event that really didn’t capture my interest at the time. It’s called Typecrush. It’s a simple game made up of many circular tiles each with one letter of the alphabet on it. Jack is obsessed with it. No he can’t spell a single word yet, he’s only 23 months old, but every time he sees the container he wants to dump out the letters and sort through them for the ones he knows. He picks out a T and shouts “T” and then grabs a train to show me it’s for “train”. This goes on with H, A, L, S, Y… I know the inventors didn’t intend for it to be a learning tool for toddlers, but it sure works as one!

Within the space of the furniture studio, Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali, co-founders and owners of Party Bluprints Inc. decorated two party spaces: an intimate sit-down table and a buffet. They spoke about ways to personalize your parties by using what you already have on hand. We all went home with a copy of their book “Plan to Party” and I have to say that it’s really been making me long for the days when I could actually host a party. It’s a little hard with Jack running around to throw a party that doesn’t involve children’s games… Something they said that evening got me thinking though. Maybe I can start small. A brunch for my girlfriends while Jack is out with his Daddy? Maybe? I suppose anything is possible.

A note on the theme of anything is possible: here’s a picture (courtesy of Momtrends) taken that evening. I’m on the far left – see the woman on the far right? That would be Wendy of Babies Gotta Have It. We met in 1998 during the filming of For Love of the Game. Haven’t seen her since then. SMALL WORLD MOMENT! 

Anything is possible and isn’t my new year’s resolution to enjoy the holidays more come hell or high water? Don’t hold me to it, but maybe I can throw a party into the mix at some point. And if I do, I forgive you all if your thank you notes are exceedingly tardy.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I attended the party as a guest and received a gift bag. All opinions expressed above are my own.  


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