On Having It All. Sort of.

Earlier tonight while vegetating on Twitter, I said:

Mop. Yeah, mop is on there because my mother-in-law is coming to town for the wee lad’s birthday. And don’t go telling me you don’t mop before your mother-in-law’s arrival. You have to because either you already do everything wrong and don’t want to add fuel to the fire or you miraculously meet with approval and don’t want to eff that up. No comment on where I fall.

I couldn’t settle. I made a list of what needs to be knocked out tomorrow before she possibly comes over for dinner (yeah, we’re not even 100% on when we’ll first see her…ARGH! Pressure!) and mopping has to be done while the lad is asleep. So it was now or during his nap tomorrow and seeing as how he barely napped today?

This happened:


11:00 on a Wednesday night. Wow I’m so cool. So now the whole apartment smells like yummy almond butter (I kid you not, that Method cleaner is so fabulous) and I can’t sleep. So I’m blogging. Mainly because I’m stressed and need to tell someone. I chose you, dear reader. Aren’t you lucky?


I may curl up with a book now. Would it be rude to turn on a bedside lamp in the bedroom? Roger’s been asleep for two hours now… Yes, I think I will curl up with a book now. I’m deep in a really good one right now, I’m reading it for Blogher.com and will have a review up for you all later this month. I’ve been tearing the books up since Christmas which is really nothing short of amazing. I blame my Kindle. I resisted for so long but now that it is in my life…well, more on that later. I’m gonna go lose myself in some pages, and then hopefully fall asleep.

Now if Jack lets me get a few hours of sleep that means for once, I will have completed a full to-do list. Hot DAMN I’m living the dream people. Living the dream. #havingitall #notreally #hasthtagsamuseme

(and no, Method did not sponsor this post or give me anything or…anything. I just love that stuff.)


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