Parenting: Valentine’s Day Edition


Jack is too young to know what the heck is going on with Valentine’s Day.

Me: Jack, it’s Valentine’s Day!

Jack: Yay! More ball?

Yeah, he doesn’t really care. He had his first bite of chocolate bar though. That was a hit: “More PLEASE?!” Look at that, the kid’s learning manners. I am such an awesome parent.

We’re going out tonight and that necessitates a babysitter and a whole new conversation with Roger. Mr. Sensitivity:

Roger: Is it offensive to ask someone to babysit for Valentine’s Day?

Me: What the heck are you going on about now???

Roger: Well that just implies that you assume they have nothing to do on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t it?

Oh gracious. We came up with a way for him to ask our sitter SENSITIVELY. She does have plans, but feels that we should be able to have some fun too. So we’re going out early and they’re going out late. I would have been fine with ordering pizza and watching a movie at home, but I guess I’ll pull myself together for my husband, the hopeless romantic who insists on Valentine’s Day dinner – even at the risk of insulting the babysitter.

I love him so much I braved Dylan’s Candy Bar for him just to get the right flavor of jelly belly’s. Jack made him a card with stickers. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and guess what? Jack learned to say “I love you” this week. My cup runneth over…


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