P&G “Have You Tried This Yet” Stylemaker Event

Last month I was a guest at the P&G “Have You Tried This Yet?” event held at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Lab here in New York City. The event was hosted by Robert Verdi, Vanessa Lachey, and Irma Martinez. The trio shared entertaining and lifestyle tips with us, showcasing their favorite P&G products.

The P&G Have You Tried This Yet program is designed to highlight products that “improve your everyday” or as Vanessa put it, “make things a little easier”.  I think we’re all familiar with the Crest White Strips brand, well Robert had an interesting idea that I’d never thought of before: use them in the afternoon to kill two birds with one stone – whiten those teeth AND make it impossible to cave to your afternoon sweet tooth cravings.  Vanessa’s rave for the time saving abilities of the Gillette Venus & Olay razor had me cracking up, what mom hasn’t had the kids pulling on the shower curtain demanding we get out before we’re done shaving our legs? I mean…the half shaven leg look is SO CHIC.  Irma had a tip for those of you who love scent in your home: you know those those little bags jewelry comes in? Fill them with Downy Unstopables scent booster and place in your linen closet and drawers.


From Robert’s advice of “don’t over-trend” on fashion – pick one trend to try, don’t go head to toe crazy to Irma’s advice of how to involve kids in the family dinner conversation (everyone take turns relating their “high” and “low” of the day) and Vanessa’s tips of how to create a kids zone at parties – the whole event was filled with useful tips and advice.

We use a lot of P&G products in our home already. You’ve heard me rave about CoverGirl & Olay Foundation and Power on here before. And if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen pictures of Jack  doing some child labor with a Swiffer mop – you should see him with the Wet Jet!


There was also a nice surprise for me when Vanessa used me as hair model to demonstrate a cute, time saving updo,  a messy bun with two braids wrapped around it. Vanessa was so sweet that when she heard me say I had an event to go to that evening, she had her own hairdresser tighten up the look for me. I’m pleased to say it held up and YES as a busy woman who sometimes needs to look a bit more than decent for public appearances with Roger- having a quick hair style to go to is AWESOME.


See how relaxed I looked out on the town that night? If only I could have paparazzi snapping good looking pics all the time 😉


For more information on the products featured at the event visit the P&G Have You Tried This Yet website here. You’ll find product ratings and reviews, you can request coupons and samples, and can watch product demonstration videos with Vanessa Lachey and Irma Martinez.

I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a basket of products from the event to sample. All opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. So I’m starting to feel a little jealous of the fabulous life you seem to living these days! That pic of you at the event is great! Did you get a pic of the back of your hair?

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