neuLASH and neuBROW – Product Review

A couple of months ago I was offered the opportunity to try neuLASH and neuBROW from Skin Research Laboratories. I’d never heard of the products but was intrigued. I mean, longer lashes? Sign me up! I did a little searching online and found the products sold at Nordstrom and other reputable retailers for a pretty penny. At $150 a tube, this is not something I would be able to try on a whim, let’s be honest here.

My package arrived and I eagerly read through the instructions and information.

The neuLASH serum pamphlet read that results could be seen in 30 days. You only need to apply it once a day (at night) and it can be used with contacts. The instructions said that some people may experience tingling after application. I never did. You do need to apply it to clean lashes so you do have to wash your face EVERY NIGHT. Which is really just a good habit to have anyway, people. Though sometimes tough for us moms, trust me, I know…

The neuBROW pamphlet promised results in as few as 3 weeks. This you apply twice a day and then every other day once desired results are achieved. Again, it is safe for contact lens wearers.

I snapped a quick picture of my eyes to have a “before” and set about dutifully washing my face every night and applying the serums. I wasn’t sure anything was really happening and then I visited my sister. “Are you having your brows professionally done?” she asked me, completely out of the blue. I replied no, but told her about the product testing. Upon closer inspection the little bald spot I always had was gone, I realized I hadn’t even used a brow brush in days, my need for plucking though had increased. Hmm. That was around 3 weeks after starting to use neuBROW.

We didn’t really think my lashes looked any different. I thought my mascara was starting to look awesome though

and maybe that meant I was growing longer lashes? Now at six weeks out I can say for certain that YES my lashes have grown and filled in. I apply one simple coat of mascara in the morning and it looks like I’ve put on three coats. HUGE lashes.

I hate fussy beauty routines. I simply no longer have the time for them. I need to be able to get ready fast, but I still want to look great. I no longer use my brow pencil so that’s time saved! I don’t have to fuss over my lashes either, one quick swipe of my standard black mascara and they look fantastic. Yes, this stuff is expensive, but it works. Bottom line.

Here is a before and after I did. My photos are less than stunning – apologies, and oh how I hated taking a makeup free shot…but I think you can still see the difference on those lashes.

I have no decent before images of my brows so it’s hard to make a comparison shot for you. Honestly I was more excited to try the lash serum and kind of overlooked what the brow serum could potentially do. I thought my brows were FINE. Well, that just goes to show you I know nothing about myself. My sister asking if I was having them professionally done kind of just blew me away. I mean…I wasn’t even trying to do anything with them! I feel like with zero effort (it takes two seconds to put this stuff on) I achieved beautiful results. SUCCESS!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I received samples of the product for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are my own.


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    • I may start asking for it for a splurge gift. It’s just nice to have eyelashes look awesome with no fuss. Your girl will understand 🙂

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