The Sleep Nightmare Continues

I finally got Jack down for a nap today and came out to our kitchen to see my day’s caffeine ranged out on the counter. The morning coffee mug, Coca-Cola grabbed at the grocery store to get me through the morning’s play date and now a frappuccino to keep me going through the early afternoon. What is going on? Well I’ll tell you what isn’t going on, my friends, sleep.

Coke Starbucks Coffee

All the caffeine for me…and it’s only noon.

Jack’s bedtime went shockingly okay last night. He initially protested having a bath, but came on board when he remembered his tug boat. Then book and a cuddle and lights out. He fell asleep in his bed. Then two hours later started screaming, “NO NO NO MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!”. This was a new thing for us. He never left his bed, just lay there rolling around, crying out. I rubbed his back and murmured words of comfort, but didn’t wake him up and he settled back down only to do the same thing an hour later.

I repeated the back rubbing and words of comfort and when it happened again I gave up and grabbed a blanket and fell asleep on the floor beside his bed. I think this happened at least twice more before I heard Roger get up for the day at 5. I went back to our bedroom hoping to get a few minutes in a real bed, but alas Jack heard the morning noises and came out looking for me. In vain I tried to convince him that the big bed was where it was at, but he was done for the night.

Jack seems fine today. He’s not sick. He played politely (for the most part) at our regular Wednesday morning play date and he’s gone down for his afternoon nap reasonably well. I don’t get it. I’m exhausted. I don’t even know how many times he cried out last night. His eyes were open – was he awake? Is this what night terrors are? Have we entered some new even more horrible sleep phase than what we’ve already been in?

What the hell was that? Any advice? Should I just move on to Red Bull now and stop wasting my time with coffee?

Send help. Hold me. Mama’s terrified.


The Sleep Nightmare Continues — 8 Comments

  1. That’s definitely night terrors. Luke did EXACTLY the same thing when he was about the same age, screaming ‘no no mummy!’ over and over. His were accompanied by him being wide eyed (although completely asleep) and thrashing around, so my mum would have to pick him up. He’d go on for about an hour before settling again. Would then wake up as if nothing had happened.

    Good news is, they generally grow out of it and it’s a passing phase.

  2. I remember the night terrors. They call them that because they are terrifying to the parents. They pass because your kids grow up. 🙁 The bittersweetness of life!

  3. My middle son had night terrors around 1 year old and it sounds like the same thing. I think ours was because I had foot surgery so my usual routine of rocking him to sleep was interrupted and my husband or his mom would rock him to sleep and put him in his crib since I couldn’t put pressure on my foot, let alone carry him. He’d start awakening several times a night. Our pediatrician said they were night terrors because kids at his age still have separation anxiety and my poor little guy felt scared like he lost his mommy. Once I started rocking him to sleep again (and my hubby or MIL would carry him to his crib), the night terrors went away. It seemed like a small change to us and they felt they were helping but my little guy was so used to my bedtime routine that I guess we didn’t realize how changing me for someone else would impact him. Good luck, I know it’s hard. My son didn’t really call for me in particular at that point but would just wake up crying/screaming. Yours is telling you at least that he’s worried about you. Has anything else changed in your routine lately? Visiting from SITS.

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