I’ve Burned the Brace Face Photos

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Invisalign. All opinions are my own.

I just spent a good half an hour digging through my storage closet trying to find a picture of me in braces to share with you. The only ones I could find were teeny tiny photos in yearbooks too blurry to bother with.

Apparently I’ve destroyed the evidence.

Braces. At my school they were almost a rite of passage. Who didn’t have braces? I had a horrible gap between my front teeth, crooked lower teeth and a wicked overbite. Braces were inevitable. I was happy to get them, but happier still to get them OFF.

It’s not like my orthodontist wasn’t a lovely doctor to work with, lord knows, I was there once a month – I remember him well. But the metal braces we wore back in my middle school days were not the most comfortable thing. I can close my eyes and remember with startling clarity the pain of those monthly adjustments. My mother always put soup in my lunchbox on those days. Eating solid food was too painful.

Now that I have Jack I find myself wondering how his teeth are doing. I inspect them and look for signs that they might be crooked like mine. If it happens and we have to sign ourselves up for orthodontist appointments with the boy I’ll be asking if Invisalign Teen is an option. I’ve known adults who were treated with Invisalign and the difference between those clear braces and what I went through? Amazing. With the removable aligners that Invisalign uses there are no food restrictions (oh how I missed eating those caramel crunches…), it’s easy to brush and floss as normal (thanks for the inflamed gums, metal braces), and most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them. There are fewer office visits and in my book the best of all is no wires popping off and poking the heck out of your inner cheek and gums (hello, emergency visit!).

Invisalign braces

Metal on the left, Invisalign on the right.
Wouldn’t you have rather had the clear braces too?

I had no idea Invisalign was even an option for teens. Orthodontic braces have changed so much since I was a patient. There are options now and I have to admit I’m a little jealous. Yes, getting those metal braces on was a total rite of passage in my school. Yes, I was super excited to kiss that gap in my front teeth goodbye. I’d absolutely say the pain and discomfort was worth it. It was really was, BUT where are all my pictures from middle school? Some part of me obviously wanted to never see those metal braces again. Not even in my memories. If Invisalign had been an option then, I hope my parents would have at least considered it. Maybe I would have kept the photos. 

What are your memories of braces? Did you keep the photos?

You can learn more about Invisalign on the Invisalign website, take their Smile Assessment, and find an Invisalign provider near you.

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Invisalign. All opinions are my own.



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