Just Where Exactly Have We Been?

I’d say it’s time for an update here. Time to get over the hurdle of this writer’s block. Blogging block? Whatever you want to call it, it’s been a month since I last posted and that’s just ridiculous!

The sleep woes continue here. I’m not even sure how to begin on THAT tale. We’ve tried it all, this kid just ain’t gonna sleep like a normal kid. Ever. So be it. I’m resigned to being a zombie. About a month ago Roger told me I needed to stop trying so hard at everything and just rest when I could. So I did, and you see what happens? The blog dies. There has to be a better way. We’ll figure it out I hope.

The main thing that went down this past month (aside from me napping when Jack naps and praying for sleep through the night) was that, hoping for a little rest and help from family, I took Jack to stay with my family in North Carolina. We ran away to the country for two weeks basically, and when I say country, I mean COUNTRY.

country, tractor, north carolina

This is my mother’s front yard. That’s Jack on his Papa Jerry’s lap.

Jack was thoroughly spoiled. My sister played with him non-stop – he had built in playdates every day, all day long. Her biceps got a workout endlessly lifting him up to slam dunk on the basketball hoop. My mom fed us all delicious, amazing meals that I myself never have the time to cook. We ate like kings I tell you.

Down in the country there are no subways, city buses or fire trucks whizzing by non-stop, but at Grandma’s there ARE tractors baling hay in the field next door, bunnies and deer just out the kitchen window, catfish in the pond, and peacocks down the road. It was a different kind of wonderland for him. We bought a baby pool and the idea that he could just run out the side door and be on his own personal playground was mind-blowing obviously.

This child’s sleep is no better in the country though and after I almost (did?) lost my cool one day, my mom and sister packed me off for a night in a luxury hotel alone. It was AMAZING. A dream come true for a sleep deprived mama. That may have to be a blog post all its own!

We visited the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC and man oh man did the little boy love it. There’s a train, a zoo, magical mist making machines in the forest, a wall full of drums to beat on as loud as you want, and a giant sandbox with bulldozers…and tons more to do. I think we may have to do this every time we visit Grandma because he still talks about it all the time! If you ever happen to be in Durham with a kid? DO THIS.

For all the fun activities the boy had going on though, I think the very best use of my time was sitting on the porch watching the rain fall with a cup of coffee in my hand. I mean…this view.

Sometimes even a city girl needs a break.

After two blissful weeks of letting my family spoil us; it was time to come home. After our two flight trip down (hello layovers!) Jack was flying like a pro and was excited to get in the car for the drive to the airport. He managed a small nap on the way home and behaved like an angel for both flights. Roger met us at the airport and Jack was so happy to see his Daddy that he refused to be put down. Roger had to carry him all through the baggage claim process and out through the parking lot to the Zipcar he’d rented for the occasion. I didn’t even mind struggling with both stroller and crappy car seat bag all by myself – it was too sweet to see Jack so excited to be with his Daddy.

We’ve settled into our summer routine here of soccer class, playground sprinklers, and walks for ice cream after Friday night dinner. We’ve built a small summer “bucket list” and I hope to share some of it with you. We’ve already knocked one item off it – not too shabby!

Hope your summer is off to a grand start too! If you’ve got any suggestions for our summer bucket list feel free to leave a comment telling us all about it!

P.S. Thanks to my sister for letting me use two of her pictures – the one of Jack & Papa J on the lawn and the porch view. Girl’s got a way with Instagram! 



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    • Nothing like Mom’s house, you’re so right. Mine has moved way out into the country, it’s such a contrast for Jack (and me!).

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