SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure at Discovery Times Square – Giveaway!

Jack and I recently had the opportunity to tour the new exhibit, SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure, at Discovery Times Square. Along with other bloggers and their families we were given an inside peek at this new multi-media exhibit that contains more than 500 artifacts from deep-ocean expeditions around the world.

Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc has spent the past 20 years discovering and exploring hundreds of shipwrecks in the deep ocean using innovative methods and state-of-the-art technology. They’ve discovered everything from 2,000 years old Roman wrecks to WWII U-boats. The exhibit SHIPWRECK! puts some of their finds and the technology used on display.

While the exhibit is billed as best for ages 5 and up, my two and a half year old still had a great time exploring it with me. There’s pirate lore and legend to learn about, a hurricane simulator (winds up to 75 mph!) to experience, and the chance to operate a model of Odyssey’s remotely operated vehicle ZEUS’ robotic arm.

Jack was fascinated by the idea of a robot looking for treasure under the ocean. He talked about this thing for DAYS afterwards.

I loved viewing the old porcelains, bottles, and coins that had been recovered. Jack even had the opportunity to hold a real piece of gold recovered from a ship that sank in 1865! I’m not sure a two year old has the capacity to understand what gold is, but he was impressed by how heavy it was.

We both had a great morning exploring together and he still talks about “driving the boat”.


GIVEAWAY! If you’d like to experience SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure for yourself, you’re in luck! Thanks to Discovery Times Square I have 15 tickets to give away.  

To enter leave a comment below including how many tickets you would need to take your family (YOUR family, not the whole block, people). You have until midnight Thursday, July 18th to enter. After that I’ll use to distribute the tickets until all 15 have been distributed.

P.S. The exhibit is open through the end of this year so if you’re planning on a visit to the city in 2013, you should enter too!


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