An Evening at the Palace

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a guest at a lovely cocktail party in the Royal Suite at the The New York Palace Hotel. I know…my life is just oh so rough.

In the midst of our recent heat wave I got all dolled up and took the steamy subway down to Midtown. Once in the hotel lobby I exchanged my flip-flops for high heels and took the elevator to another world. I stepped off the elevator, turned right and walked down the hall to be greeted by a waiter standing at attention with a tray of drinks in the marble foyer. “Have a wonderful evening”, he said.

And I did.

The food and drinks served were delicious, the service was impeccable and friendly. I don’t think my drink glass was empty for more than a few minutes before someone was asking if I needed another. When a fellow blogger and I wandered down the hall wondering what the rest of the suite looked like a staff member told us several highlights not to miss. We had a pleasant chat about how long he’d worked at the Palace and I loved that he seemed happy and proud of his job and the hotel as whole. THAT is the kind of place I want to stay at.

With 3600 square feet, the Royal Suite is a hotel suite that is truly more of a home. An apartment the likes of which most of us will never step foot in. 3600 SQUARE FEET?! Three bedrooms, a formal living room, a twelve seat dining room, his and hers dressing rooms…all of them swathed in silk and gold leaf. So. Much. Gold. It’s like Versailles landed in Midtown.

New York Palace Hotel Royal Suite

One of the two guest bedrooms, the dining room, and marble foyer.

Those of us who walk around Midtown Manhattan frequently have grown used to seeing the scaffolding up at The Palace over the past year as their extensive renovations have proceeded. It’s now all close to being completed and let me tell you, it looks amazing. If gold leaf and French opulence aren’t your thing, fear not the other rooms and suites at the Palace and Towers are more traditional and modern chic. For me though, the Versailles look works (I know, you’re shocked…)!

New York Palace Hotel

Attention to details.

The suites are open and available now – for weekend getaways, girlfriend get-togethers (we were all dying to have a slumber party), bridal or baby showers…anything you can imagine. Photo shoot? I had a mini one in the divine bathroom. How can you resist a giant bathtub swathed in silk curtains???

New York Palace bathroom

I couldn’t help but imagine what kind of party I’d throw here if I had the means. Roger and I never had a true wedding, we just took the baby with us down to City Hall and got hitched one afternoon. I like to play a game sometimes of imagining what we could do for an anniversary party one milestone year. Here’s my new one: book the Royal Suite! We can hide away in the master suite while we pamper ourselves – I’m soaking in that tub for maybe an hour. He can have a shave in the antique barber’s chair. Our nearest and dearest can gather and reconnect over drinks and hors d’oeuvres in the living room. We’ll join everyone in due course and have our rings blessed (didn’t even have them for City Hall *gasp*) perhaps in front of the window looking down on St. Patrick/s Cathedral, and then we’ll celebrate until we kick everyone out for a blissful night of sleep in that giant silk covered bed.

New York Palace Hotel Royal Suite

The master bedroom, an antique barber’s chair in the gentleman’s bath, and again…that divine tub in the lady’s bath.

And yes, I mean sleep. We’re parents of a two year old who never sleeps. It’s all we dream of.

Thanks to The New Palace for a wonderful night away from reality. Every parent deserves one once in a while!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I attended a lovely cocktail party, yes, but the opinions are all mine.



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  1. O. M. G. This place is gorgeous! I recently had the opportunity to stay here and wasn’t able to travel…looks like I missed out big time! Guess you will just have to throw that anniversary party so I can experience it for myself…Feel free to use me as an excuse 😉

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