Lazy, Stressful Weekends

Day 3 of this NaBloPoMo challenge and I’m pushing it to the wire again! 10:39 p.m. type, type, type

I remember weekends pre-child. They were glorious weren’t they? All the sleep you could sleep! Hours of nothing to do but sleep or read. I could have written a month of blog posts in a single weekend afternoon! Those were the days.

Now with Jack joining our lives, this Sunday evening has found me exhausted on the couch flipping through yet another book on sleep. “That one again?” asks Roger. Yes, that one again.

Ask a stay at home mother what happens when her partner is late home on a Friday night. I bet it isn’t pretty. Husband working late, child not sleeping…oh the crankiness! We soldiered on through though and the glorious late autumn weather of Saturday convinced us that one last round of mini-golf before we’re chased inside by winter was needed.

Did you know there’s outdoor mini-golf in Manhattan? Down in Tribeca right on the water is Pier 25 with an 18 hole mini golf course. There are glorious views of the water and downtown. It’s unreal.

minigolf views Collage

We think it’s positively brilliant. Jack loves it. Once I suggested we hurry up and take the subway to mini golf it was as if the bad moods had evaporated. “Is this the stop for mini golf?”, he asked all the way downtown…

There’s the requisite cave, waterfall and tricky holes. It is only $5 for adults. I think it’s one of the best deals in town.

minigolf Collage

If you haven’t burnt off enough of your kid’s energy after 18 holes of family fun, there’s a fabulous playground right next door. If you’re REALLY lucky your two and a half year old can randomly punch a much bigger kid and then you’ll get to haul him home screaming!

The lack of sleep is clearly making everyone crazy. (seriously, that other kid was twice his size! What was Jack thinking???) I wonder how many times the New York Public Library will let me renew this sleep book…

Hope you had way more sleep than we did and enjoyed this glorious weekend. There’s a freeze warning on for tonight – adieu mini-golf, we’ll see you next Spring.




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