Day Four: Books and Tea

Today’s prompt for NaBloPoMo is actually: Who is your favourite character of all time?  I tried to narrow it down, but that’s just impossible. Have you seen my bookshelves? Here’s just the wee wobbly stack next to my side of the sofa:


I’d recommend anything in that stack. Most particularly Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay
by Nancy Milford. Edna St Vincent Millay is fascinating. My theater company is currently developing a piece based on her poetry and life and we’ve all been reading “Savage Beauty” as preparation. Highly recommend it.

That sleep book on the top of the stack continues to mock me. We have yet to master sleep, and I will continue to research new things to try apparently.

What I think we have mastered is developing a reading routine with Jack that works for everyone. In addition to any reading breaks and library trips during the day, we’ve found a way to make nighttime reading a solid favorite and a huge clue that bedtime is on the way, my little friend.

I’ve found a nighttime tea that Jack really likes. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Kids Herbal Tea, Goodnight Grape
I don’t think it really tastes like grape and neither does he. In our house it’s called “bunny tea” due to the mug I let him use. (there’s a sweet bunny pictured having tea with a mouse)

We brew a cup of bunny tea and head to the bedroom to pull out whatever books we feel like reading. Tonight was something about fire trucks and Trucks Go
We’ve checked that one out of the library so many time I may as well buy it! If you have a vehicle obsessed toddler, Jack and I highly recommend it.

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself that I’ve found a way to get my insane, endlessly energetic, sports loving boy to calm down and take a break with a cup of tea and a stack of books. I’m proud of his athletic ability, yes, but I get way more excited about the book learning side of things. Seeing a bit of myself in my child is gratifying. All is not lost…you know?

Bunny tea drank and books read, Jack is finally asleep. I’m contemplating a cup of tea myself and perhaps I’ll pick up The Professor and the Madman
again. If like me you dream of someday owning your very own Oxford English Dictionary you might enjoy this one. The story of Dr. William Chester Minor, a major contributor to the OED project who just happened to be a murderer and locked up in a asylum for criminal lunatics. You know, just a little light bedtime story for Mommy!

Tell me what you’ve been reading before bed lately. I’m always on the look out for something good!

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  1. I’m reading Michael J. Fox’s second book…I can’t think of the title right now but, I love his books. Definitely makes you put things into perspective and appreciate what you have!

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