Daily Blogging Is Not For Me

Day 9 of NaBloPoMo and it’s killing me.

I’m borrowing yesterday’s prompt today:  Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.

I’ve learned that those who successfully blog daily must not have small, sleepless children. If they do they must have a great babysitter or a job outside the home that allows for a good break at least once a day.

Jack’s on a kick right now of waking up sometime between 5:30 and 6. This after he stays up until 9 or 10 the night before protesting the mere idea of bedtime. This isn’t a plea for sleep advice – any you give me will be flatly ignored – Jack’s going to be three in February, this is his reality. We have officially tried everything and all of it has failed. He is a spirited and special child who just cannot slow down.

We’re working on OUR reactions to that reality.

But back to trying to blog daily… I’m so done with this week. Roger’s been working 12 hour days and those kind of hours leave a stay at mom exhausted. I toured three preschools this week and took Jack on an evaluation “play date” at yet another. That’s right, my two year old gets to be judged before he can go to preschool. I find this simultaneously frustrating and hilarious. Oh New York…

So here’s the issue. If I’m up by 6 with my energetic little boy, there’s no waking up any earlier to carve out writing time. If I’m fighting bedtime battles until 9 or 10, there’s really no staying up extra late. My husband and I would like to take an hour or two (if his job doesn’t require a super early morning) to sit together after all that bedtime nonsense.  So that means it’s 10 or sometimes 11 before I can be alone with this laptop. Nap time? That’s never guaranteed. And sometimes I need a nap too. The nights Jack goes to sleep at 10 but wakes up at midnight and then again at four? I need a nap.

I think I’ve just typed in endless circles here, but the end result is the same. No sleep equals no time. Every week we’re confronting this and wondering how it’s affecting our marriage. Is this constant state of severe exhaustion survivable?

Blogging every single day. What on Earth was I thinking?


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