What Are You Waiting For?

NaBloPoMo chugs on and the official prompt for today is… Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.

Five things? Look, we haven’t got all night here. I open the door and usually grab whatever is needed and move on with my life. It’s just food and drink.

And then I spy the bottle of vintage champagne laying on the bottom shelf. It came to me on a birthday many years ago already chilled. I should have drank it that night. I was surrounded by friends who would have enjoyed it just as much as I would have. It was a wild and special night, one of the last birthdays I would celebrate so insanely. Instead I saw that it was a fine thing and I tucked it away for someday special.

A lot of stuff has gone down in those years. Divorce. Birth. Marriage. Moving twice. None of that was special enough to merit opening that bottle apparently.

I was at an event tonight surrounded by other mothers. One joke about a cocktail in the afternoon led to many confessions of those special bottles, all of them tucked away that we never seem to open. Children are born and we’re still holding on waiting for “something special”.

Now I’m not saying that the birth of child equals popping the cork on the champagne automatically (although our hospital nurses did say that there was room in the unit fridge if we wanted to bring a bottle in), but I gather some people actually open the good stuff on such an occasion.

It looks like I do not. That bottle continues to sit there. I’m sure it’s turned bad by now. Perfectly suitable for a Friday night Law & Order rerun fest in baggy pajamas. But what if it’s still really, really good…?

Maybe some day, eighteen years from now I’ll realize that the boy finally slept through the night, and I’ll grab that bottle and it will taste magical. Or it won’t. Maybe half the fun is the anticipation and always hoping that life will have something greater to offer than this. No…let’s not open it now, something greater could happen!

How perfectly ridiculous.

How long does vintage champagne keep anyway?




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