Tale of a Train…a 6 Train

I swore that I would never buy my child random toys. No sir, toys are for Christmas and birthdays ONLY.

Oh please, someone go find pre-child me and tell me how ridiculous I am.

We bought a train today. It’s a little die-cast metal model of a New York City subway train. We walked all over the neighborhood to find the damn thing too. You see, two weeks ago it was Halloween and we went to a children’s party and the little host had a wee subway train. The doors open and the lights go on and gosh darn it, it’s like Jack’s dream toy.

Two days ago we went for a playdate and damn if this kid doesn’t have a little subway train too. Worse, this one has a little 6 on it. It’s a 6 train. That’s our train. “This is the train we take to home!”


We went to play there again today and the damn if that train wasn’t a huge issue again. Jack woke up from his nap and started looking for the train again. I broke. We tried the drugstore that the one mother said they found theirs at. No go. We walked past the funky toy shop with all the wooden toys. Nope. We went to the hobby model shop up on Lexington. Oh hello, 6 train!

Jack clutched that little train to his chest and was full of toddler joy. The owner showed him a huge, working NYC sanitation truck that is seriously, no joke, $60. The kid wouldn’t even put down the 6 train to push the buttons on the big truck. Noises and lights be damned, he’s got a 6 train.

Roger and I had a date night and came home to this:


Yep, I’m a total sucker, and I’m 100% okay with that.


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