New York City Dreams…of Laundry

I really should just stop watching HGTV altogether. It’s just too much for my blood pressure. Here I sit on a Saturday night in yoga pants waiting for my sick kid to puke YET AGAIN, and all I really want to do is slap some house hunters because omg seven bedrooms is NOT ENOUGH.

Look I’m sure they tell these people to find the fault in everything. They’ve got to make it interesting to watch, right? Do people really house hunt like this? Is everyone looking for perfection? Perfection is swell and all, but I really just want a washer and dryer. Some day I would really like to be able to run a load of laundry without having to find my keys, money and riding the elevator down to the basement while schlepping three loads and a kid.

Our last building didn’t even have laundry and it was a really nice building! So the thought of laundry machines inside your actual home? That’s like an urban legend. I think I know someone who knows this girl who knows a guy whose cousin has a washer…

I’ve told laundry tales before; you know how I feel about it. Well nothing compares to how I feel about that damn basement laundry room now. This afternoon Jack woke up from his nap crying hysterically and within 15 minutes he had puked all over me and the floor. This trend has continued all day. Jack has some puking stomach virus and has already gone through four pairs of pajamas in 6 hours. I don’t even know how many towels are soiled. YOU try to get a two and a half year old to aim his puke into a bucket. Yeah. I’m personally on my third pair of pants for the evening…

So much laundry and I can’t do any of it. Roger’s band is performing tonight so he had to go out and I cannot drag a barfing kid to the laundry. It’ll just have to wait. Ugh.

So back to HGTV…I’m catching my breath on the sofa while Jack sleeps finally for a bit. I turn on some mindless home improvement nonsense and this woman on House Hunters just seriously said, “But the kitchen isn’t pretty!”.  I think I hate her. Thousands of mothers all across NYC join me in scowling at the television screen. Lady, buy some paint and make it pretty. You have washer/dryer hookups there…you have no idea how good you’ve got it.

No idea.

I was feeling pretty smug about our city life just a few days ago. It was freezing outside and we were grumpy so we sent some texts out and scheduled two play dates with friends in our building. No dragging on coats and hats and mittens and boots! We just put our slippers on and rode the elevator to visit friends and played all day. Try THAT in suburbia. I was so smug.

I should have known better. City life offers so much and yet… we are brought to our knees by lack of washers and dryers.

Dear rest of America, go hug your washer and dryer. Run a load for me.





New York City Dreams…of Laundry — 4 Comments

  1. Oh gosh, HGTV makes me so mad sometimes. A person walks into a bedroom the size of my entire apartment and announces that the rooms are small but they might be able to work with it. Seriously?!? I grew up with two parents and a sister in an apartment the size of some of these master suites and we did OK. Then they have comments on the tiny closets. Have they seen a closet in a NYC apartment? They need help organizing a closet the size of my kitchen because there isn’t enough room. I can’t even fit the organizing crap in my bedroom closet and the door is about 24 inches wide with about half the closet off to the side where I have to climb through my hanging items to reach. ::rant off::

  2. Thursday I swore off House Hunters, because I can’t take the comment, “I’m not sure our bed will fit in here,” anymore! Not to mention all the points you bring up. Speaking as a Midwesterner, most episodes are annoying and I have laundry off my kitchen (for which I’m grateful!)

    In addition to play dates you don’t have to go outside for, be thankful for capable tailors, foods of the world delivered to your door, and $10 manicures. Things I miss about the city.

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