The Day the Daily Blogging Died

I tried. I was blogging daily. It was working. Sure, I was clicking “publish” at 11:58 pm, but I was getting it done! And then…

Stomach virus from hell.

It’s really hard to care for a two year old who doesn’t understand why he’s puking his guts up every half hour. They’re so miserable and confused, and let’s face it, the cleaning up is gross. It’s even worse when you’re sick too.

Despite vigorous hand washing after every gross cleanup, the kid infected me. Monday dawned with me sick as a dog. You can imagine how the day went. By early afternoon I was sending texts to Roger reading, “please hurry work, he’s barfing again…” and my favorite, “make sure you have money for the laundry…” Oh my God the laundry.

I’ve never been so happy to see him come home.

He came in while I was on the phone with the pediatrician, plotting ways to get more fluids into Jack. Poor kid. I slept all night on the floor by his bed. Half the night he was cuddled with me. It wasn’t my intention to sleep there, I was just too tired and sick myself to move after calming him from his midnight freak out.

It was a rough day and night. I really think NYC needs to come up with an emergency nanny service for occasions like this. I’d pay big bucks for a nanny with an iron stomach to come step in on mega sick days. Big bucks.

Maybe she could have written my NaBloPoMo post too…


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