B. toys For The Holidays

Christmas came early to our house when Jack was sent two new samples from B. toys to review. You’ve probably seen their toys at Target or Barnes & Noble – they’re extra colorful and eye-catching and have beautiful packaging that on some even doubles as wrapping paper. Don’t think I haven’t given thanks for that while running late to a birthday party yet again…

When B. toys contacted us to ask if we’d review some of their toys, we jumped to say yes. Some of Jack’s favorite toys are from B. toys so we couldn’t wait to see what they had lined up for this year’s holidays! Trying to go with Jack’s current loves of all things vehicular and playing pretend doctor we decided to give the Racetruck and Pet Vet a whirl.

B. toys Racetruck on the left and Pet Vet Clinic on the right.

B. toys Racetruck on the left and Pet Vet on the right.

The Build-a-ma-jigs Racetruck is really cool. This is probably Jack’s favorite new vehicle of Fall 2013. You can take it apart and switch it up several different ways using the little power drill and bits to attach the nuts and bolts. It can be a race car, a dump truck or a car towing a trailer. Jack couldn’t wait to show our building’s maintenance man that he has a drill too! Even his babysitter commented on this toy – we had been out and when we came back home apparently they’d been playing with it because she told us, “You know what’s really cool about that toy? The drill actually works!”

B Toys Racetruck

The second toy we received to play with is the Pet Vet. It comes with a little cat and dog and all the medical tools needs to take care of them. There are four doors on the clinic and each has a different key. Jack is really fascinated by those little doors and will open and close them over and over. We’ve even turned them into mailboxes on rainy days and made little envelopes to send the kitty and puppy letters. It’s more than a vet clinic though, Jack uses the thermometer, stethoscope, and syringe to give us all check-ups and “flu shots”. (I guess that shot back in September really made an impression on him!)

B toys Pet Vet

We’ve been playing with these guys for over a month now and they are really keepers. There are many toys out there that will hold a child’s attention for a few days, but these B. toys keep going for much longer. Almost every time we do laundry now, Jack wants to bring Racetruck along to roll around the basement and show the maintenance crew his drill. He brought it to the laundry room just this morning and most of the pictures above are from today too. These aren’t just one hit wonders, and that goes for all the B. toys in our home.

Have a kid in your life and want to give a creative toy this Christmas? Something that will last longer than the latest fad? Check out the B. toys section at Target or your local specialty store. I’m betting you’ll find something that kid will love!

Disclosure: We received product samples from B. Toys to facilitate this review. We were not compensated in any other manner.  As always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. Thanks for the great recommendation to use the vet set as a mailbox — great idea. The photo of your son on the left with the vet set is so cute — he looks like such a great nurturer. 🙂

    • He loves the little cat and dog that come with the vet set! It’s now 8 (9?) months later and Jack STILL plays with that set. The kitty and dog were out in his room today when I went in the clean up. It’s a great toy! Mailboxes are always fun to play too – keeps them busy for a long time!

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