Surviving Winter With PaperBackSwap

I was not compensated in any way for this post, but it does contain affiliate links.

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? This winter seems determined to be the perfect mix of awesome and ridiculously awful. I’ll get to that mess and why I haven’t blogged in ages soon, but first…this weather! The polar vortex that has been sweeping the nation has us all caught up in finding new ways to stay warm and entertain children wracked with cabin fever. Jack and I have been retreating to books a lot. Our public library branch reopened late this fall with the welcome additions of a train table and play kitchen in the children’s room. We’ve borrowed every book in the space section five times over I think. I’ve been reading cozy mysteries trying to escape the maddening reality of being trapped inside on minus 0 wind chill days with a cranky child.

Eff this polar vortex...I'm done.

Eff this polar vortex…I’m done.

We’re both running out of patience.

Jack will be three in a few weeks and has fallen deeply in love with all things space related. Space shuttles in particular. Our library branch has a few books on space, but he’s hungry for more and what they do have isn’t exactly age appropriate. We checked one book out only to find ourselves skipping quickly over the pages that dealt with the Challenger disaster. Yeah…not at age two, ok?

I didn’t want to spend a small fortune at the bookstore on this obsession – I mean he’s not even three, next week he could fall in love with turtles for all we know. Then I remembered my account! I’ve been a member of PaperBackSwap since 2006, but it’s only recently that I’ve really found the true genius of this site. Children’s books. Yes, we have a few books we’ll keep forever as keepsakes, but the majority of kid’s books are temporary. They love them for a bit and then outgrow them. Why not pass them on and get more age appropriate ones as needed in exchange?

Let me borrow some words from to explain how it works:

All you have to do is create an account for FREE, list your books that you are ready to share, and send them out to other members when they are requested. Yes, you pay the postage to send your books out (between 2 and 3 dollars for an average-sized book), BUT you get a Book Credit for sending each book (each Book Credit is good for one book – you can order from any member in the club), AND when you request books for yourself, the senders pay the postage to send those books to you. 

It costs nothing to participate, except for postage – there are no membership fees. You even get 2 startup Book Credits free if you are the first account at your household – you can use those credits to order 2 books for yourself, right away! 

Sure you could just drop your used books off at the local thrift shop and shop their shelves for yourself, but are you guaranteed to find a book on the topic your kid is currently fascinated with though? And will it come in the mail? I mean, you know how much kids love getting mail, right? Sending things in the mail and receiving packages are HUGE with Jack right now. He loves going to the post office to mail things. We talk about how the process works and love seeing mail trucks out front – there go our packages! The days we get a package in return are awesome. Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?! I love seeing him get excited over books and getting one as a new package is just brilliant. All it cost me is the postage I spent to make someone else’s day by granting their book wish. A win-win if you ask me.

A selection of some of the books I've gotten for Jack on

A selection of some of the books I’ve gotten for Jack on

And look at all our new space books (two more are in the mail on their way to us)!


If you’ve got a book hungry kid (or adult) at home, consider joining Our book packages have certainly helped brighten these cold, winter days.

I was not compensated in any way for this post, but it does contain affiliate links. If you join PaperBackSwap via this post and become an active member, I will receive one book credit. Can you blame me for wanting to get my kid more books?



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  1. Stopping by belatedly from Sharefest. I had never heard of, but it sounds like an awesome site! We are huge book readers in my house (I keep a stack for my 11-week-old next to the chair where I nurse her) and I know at some point I am going to want to switch up her books. I will definitely check out this site!
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    • Oh you definitely should! We’ve gotten some of our old childhood favorites for our son this way and once they develop interests of their own it’s so fun to get a package with a specific book they are yearning for! Thanks for stopping by from Sharefest!!

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