The Blues Jean Bar Express: A New Way to Shop For Jeans!

I used to love to shop. I could spend hours looking for the perfect pair of shoes or planning a new outfit for a special occasion. Now? I hate it. My choices are either take a 3-year-old along (disaster waiting to happen) or pay for a sitter to go alone ($15 an hour to look at shoes? No thanks.). Weekends when Roger’s home the stores are crowded and it’s the weekend, I want to be with my family! I’ve resorted to online shopping, but sizing is tricky and I end up having to make returns half the time anyway. What’s a mom to do?

Enter The Blues Jean Bar Express. It’s a shop at home service from the denim specialty store, The Blues Jean Bar.  You fill out a questionnaire, pay a $1 deposit via credit card, and their “jeantenders” will hand-pick outfits just for you and send them to your house! You keep what you love and send back the rest, paying only for those you kept.  When they asked me if I’d like to try the service out in exchange for a pair of jeans, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair of skinnies for months and jeans shopping with the boy? Not cool. But a box of designer denim and outfits delivered to my home for me to shop in peace? Sign me up!

Blues Jean Bar Express Box NYCJenny

Here’s my box with five outfits inside, each wrapped up in a little bundle so I knew exactly what went together.

The stylists work off of a questionnaire you fill out about your style preferences, sizes, and what your go to look is – they even ask what you do 9-5 (pretty sure I said, “push strollers and sit on playgrounds”). A box arrives on your doorstep in just a few days – you keep what you want and use the prepaid shipping label to send back what you don’t want. There are no hidden fees. No extended membership fees, minimums, or long-term commitments. They even include free shipping both ways!

I mentioned in my style profile that I love wearing black. The more black the better. I wanted a pair of skinny jeans with a high rise (nothing worse than bending over on the playground and showing crack…) and lots of black. Possibly some date night looks. Someone must have researched Roger too because the first outfit I tried on had more of a “punk” look to it. A leather vest? Not really my thing, but my husband LOVED it. Bless him. 

Here’s what was in the box sent to me:

Blues Jean Bar Express Box NYCJenny

The simple lace blouse paired with ankle jeans is my winning outfit. Both pieces are by Joe’s Jeans and when I put those jeans on I literally shouted, “These are my JEANS!”. The fit is perfection. The blouse is made of to die for gorgeous lace. I want to live in this outfit. All the pieces are beautiful though and I wish I could keep the whole box!

This is obviously a designer service. The brands are top-notch, and the prices are appropriate for that. Per their website the price ranges are: Tops: $50 – $200 | Dresses: $100 – $300 | Jeans: $150 – 275 | Jackets: $100 – $400.  My clothing budget is a little lean now that I’m staying at home, but for a special occasion I would absolutely use this service. Blues Jean Bar Express where were you when I was shopping for my high school reunion look?!?!

Disclosure: I was NOT paid to write this review, but I was allowed to keep one pair of jeans as thanks for trying out BJB Express and giving my (as always) honest opinion. 


The Blues Jean Bar Express: A New Way to Shop For Jeans! — 6 Comments

  1. I love this…All. Of. It. You know I love to shop but these outfits are seriously well put together. I can’t wait to try this service out!

    • It was SO helpful to me have outfits put together – I have zero talent for that type of thing! I hope you try it out and send me pictures!

  2. They did an awesome job with your questionnaire b/c I can see you wearing every one of those outfits, even the leather vest! I particularly love the Mandarin collar black top and those flats with the silver toes.

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