How to Brush Your Picky Preschooler’s Teeth With Tom’s of Maine

Anyone with a child knows how difficult brushing those teeth can be. “I’m too tired” “I want to do it myself!” or my personal favorite “I don’t want the blue toothbrush – I NEED THE ORANGE TOOTHBRUSH!!!!”  My precious child can come up with roughly 100 reasons why he can’t brush his teeth on any given day.

We recently attended a playdate with Tom’s of Maine where they introduced us to their new fluoride-free toddler toothpaste. We’ve had it out on the bathroom counter for a couple weeks now and Jack really seems to like it-the fruity flavor really does it for him. Jack isn’t the best “spitter” in the world when it comes to toothpaste so I’ve been hesitant to move him to a fluoride toothpaste. Did you know that all of their toothpastes for children are available in fluoride-free versions, not just the new toddler one?  I like that we have options within the Tom’s line. We can have three different toothpastes all with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Having choices helps Jack feel more in control of the situation and more likely to cooperate.

Toms Childrens Toothpastes NYCJenny

You may already be a fan of Tom’s of Maine, after all the natural products company has been around for over 42 years. They give 10% of their profits back to organizations that support human and environmental goodness. Many of their products are vegan, kosher, halal-certified and gluten-free and all packaging is recyclable. You can learn more about them and all their new products including the new toddler training toothpaste (“the crocodile one” as Jack calls it) by visiting their website or by liking them on Facebook

A few other kid-friendly tooth brushing tips that Tom’s reminded us of? Sing a silly song! Nothing gets a little one motivated like singing a song together, plus the sillier it is the more it distracts them. Open wide so I can brush those molars while singing like a goof-ball! To that end, Tom’s treated the kids to a music session that featured a song about taking TWO MINUTES to brush. Do I even take two minutes to brush? Reminder: brushing your teeth should take two minutes.

Talk about brushing your teeth and good healthcare practices during your regular day. If you wait until you’re waving that toothbrush in their face to explain what’s going on and why – you’ve waited too late. Tom’s has a super cute coloring book that you can download for free AND personalize. It offers tips and facts about oral care given in a story about a journey to a magical forest where kids learn about natural ingredients, nature and healthy habits. You can download a copy here and support Tom’s of Maine’s “Dental Health For All” program.

Start them early – even when your baby has nothing but gums, wrap a little washcloth around your finger and clean those gums. Get your child used to having their teeth brushed before they ever have the words to tell you no. Tom’s new toddler toothpaste is formulated for babies as young as 3 months old!

Happy brushing!!!


Sticker charts are also incredibly helpful 😉


We were provided with product samples by Tom’s for the purposes of this post, and attended a delightful playdate. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are my own!


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