An Unplugged Vacation

If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed we were on vacation last week. If you’ve emailed me recently, you’ve DEFINITELY noticed we were on vacation as I’m hopelessly behind on responding to people. I’ve spent this week trying to catch up and remain calm as the demands of daily life come crashing back in on us. There must be a better way. I feel like I’m drowning in things to do. Emails to answer, blog posts that are due, lines that need to be memorized, Jack has classes and appointments to keep, his school just sent out uniform information for ordering… UNIFORMS???!!! I’m losing my mind, people, how is it already August?

Once a summer we take a week and go stay with old friends of Roger’s in rural Pennsylvania. Three years in and I think we can call it a tradition now. I’ve written about it before here and here if you’re curious. One week in an area with horrible cell phone service and no internet. I wish I could write a post for you about how we intentionally unplug and unwind and reconnect…blah, blah, blah. The truth is – it is forced upon us. It is amazingly wonderful though. Moments like this happen and there is nothing to do, but savor it.

lake sunsets pa nycjenny

We spent most of the week by the lake or swimming pool with our friends. There were six children present all under the age of 10 and my only child, Jack, was in heaven. So many friends to play with! Everyone swam, took bike rides or long walks. Lots and lots of lake time and sunsets.

lake splashing happy nycjenny

Sunset Lake Poconos NYCJenny

Every night we let the kids stay up far too late while the adults sat and listened to music and talked. We saw a bear. The kids caught tadpoles and released them. Jack rode a horse! It was in general, pretty darn All-American.

american flag log cabin nycjenny

The last two and a half days of our vacation were spent at a family reunion for my mother’s side of the family. We drove down to join everyone and Jack met a whole heaping bunch of family he never dreamed he had. We were so glad we went. Saturday we spent a little time with his closest cousins in a giant train museum that rocked his world. “HOLY MACKEREL”, was all he could say for the first few moments inside. Yes, my three year old says holy mackerel…  The Roadroad Museum of Pennsylvania. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Railroad museum pennsylvania nycjenny

Sadly we were so in the unplugged grove that we kept forgetting to take pictures! But if my phone and camera were in my purse the whole time, it meant that I was talking and listening and playing. I do hope that more pictures get shared with us as I remember several lovely moments that it would be nice to have a memento of. It isn’t often that our far-flung family is together at once, you know? I snagged this one from my cousin’s Facebook page – can you spy us three?

family reunion nycjenny


I hope you all have found the time and good fortune to have a vacation away from it all this summer. Near or far. We were only four hours away from home, but taking a break from all the emails and calls and social media pressure (and yes, it’s pressure a lot of the time in our jobs) did our hearts and minds a world of good. Even if it’s been a crazy week getting back on track.

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