Google Shopping Express Saves the Day!

This summer I received an email announcing the launch of Google Shopping Express here in NYC. I admit I got ridiculously excited at the thought of a service offering same day delivery from our favorite stores here in town. You don’t need me telling you that’s a wonderful idea! Target, Fairway, Costco, Walgreens? Sign us up!

Sign me up for those really day days when Jack is sick, Roger’s working a 12+ hour day, and we’re running out of chicken soup and children’s ibuprofen. WHERE IS THAT EMAIL FROM GOOGLE??? This mom needs delivery asap! With Google Shopping Express you log on and select your items then sign up for delivery slots. So while you’re sitting in the pediatrician’s waiting room you can order up some supplies to be delivered later that day because yes, there’s an app for that. They’re even offering free shipping for your first six months. We’ve had a couple of summer sick days this year and delivery has saved me both times.

Another “Google Rescue Me!” moment happened a few weeks ago when we were packing for a vacation. I had completely forgotten that Roger’s sister was going to stay in our apartment, and the cat had just ripped a hole in our last fitted sheet. While I might be fine with us sleeping like that… I have higher standards for what I offer our guests. I needed new sheets. We were out of laundry detergent. The fan in the living room had died too!  I needed caffeine like nobody’s business. Suddenly I had a million errands to run, a kid to take to swim lessons, and 12 hours to pack us all up for vacation. Google Shopping Express to the rescue! I opened my laptop and placed an order in roughly 20 minutes while feeding Jack breakfast at the same time. We ran to swim class, a play date, and the grocery store. That evening our order from Target arrived within our chosen delivery times all packed up in the nicest shopping bags!

google express shopping nycjenny

Shopping bags almost as big as your three-year old! And please note the awesome lack of extraneous packaging. Coca-Cola is already in a box-it doesn’t need another one! Well done, Google!

The delivery person was friendly and helpful and dealt with my three-year old’s insistence that he help unload the bags in the nicest manner. When I mentioned this to Roger he was seriously confused. Turns out he’d never even heard of Google Shopping Express (really, you haven’t seen the signs on the bus shelters???) – his response of, “some random person delivered to us? What???!!!” was hilarious. No dear, they use couriers. Rest assured people, it is not some random individual picking up your shopping from Target, Fairway, etc. I’m sold on the service. It still doesn’t replace that oft missed company that once upon a time in the 1990’s would bring us ice cream and dvds and other random things at all hours (come on, you know what I’m talking about…), but it helps me get my multitude of errands done without me dragging a kid all over town or hiring some random stranger to do it for me as other services might suggest.

Google shopping express nycjenny

Each bag is sealed with the cutest reminder (note to self – take pictures before ripping into shopping with glee…)

Google Shopping Express members get free, unlimited same-day (or overnight where same-day isn’t available) deliveries. Non-members pay $4.99 for each store from which their order is coming. They are currently offering a free 6-month trial membership. Sign up now as this offer expires on September 2, 2014. Don’t stress out over your multitude of errands, let Google handle it!

Disclosure: I received a shopping credit in order to try Google Shopping Express. All opinions are my own. As always.


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