Watermelon Lemon Slushie with Voli Vodka

Summer is almost over. Hard to believe, but we’ve had our three months of sun and fun and now it’s time to pack it in and prepare for fall and winter. Jack is starting school the Friday after Labor Day and I can barely wrap my head around it. Time marches on now matter how unprepared we are, doesn’t it? Before we start weeping in our coffee cups though, we’ve got one last summer hurrah to get through. It’s Labor Day weekend, my friends, and I’ve whipped up an easy new cocktail for us to enjoy!

watermelon lemon vodka slushie nycjenny

A few months ago I met the fine folks from Voli Vodka at Getting Gorgeous and they offered to send me some samples of their flavored vodkas to try out. I admit that the most experimental I’d gotten up to this point was mixing some of the flavors with plain soda water. With flavors like “Raspberry Cocoa” I hated to add too many ingredients as they are already pretty fancy and delicious all on their own. It’s a “lower calorie” vodka with an accompanying lower alcohol content (30%) so it doesn’t have that harsh kick that some regular vodkas can have.

voli vodka nycjenny

This past week we’ve been on vacation at the beach with a lot of my family. There may or may not have been adult beverages consumed after all the little cousins went to bed. Maybe. One evening after my sister-in-law sliced up a large watermelon we looked at the leftover cubes and a light bulb went off. We should freeze these for slushies! Vodka slushies to be exact.

We put the watermelon cubes in the freezer and the next day I threw the frozen watermelon into the blender and added the Voli lemon vodka and…voila! Magic. Two ingredient watermelon lemon vodka slushies.

two ingredient watermelon lemon slushie nycjenny

Please excuse bizarre rental house kitchen tiles…and blender.

We’ve found the perfect summer vodka slushie. The Voli lemon vodka isn’t a heavy lemon flavor – it’s very light and adds just touch of brightness to the watermelon. I loved it. It’s a great drink to make at the beach house because of how low fuss it is. You never have all the ingredients on hand for fancy drinks anyway. No mixers needed here, just have someone grab a watermelon at the market.

I found the perfect proportions for me to be 2 oz. of Voli lemon vodka to 8 oz of watermelon slushie. You of course, may adjust your alcohol intake to your preferred levels. Take your cut up watermelon and put it in the freezer. When frozen, place the watermelon pieces in a blender, add the vodka and blend it up. Done.

watermelon lemon vodka slushie nycjenny

Hope your last weekend of summer is a beautiful one – let me know if you try the slushie!

Disclosure: I received product samples to facilitate this review, but no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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