Jack’s FIRST first day of school

That little baby in my banner photo up above started school last Friday. It was only for 45 minutes that first day, but it was huge. I was so excited for him, I couldn’t stop smiling the entire week.

Friends on Facebook wanted to know if we cried. Others wondered if this exhausted stay at home mom would throw a party. I’m sorry to report that the whole day was completely anticlimactic in that respect. Jack posed for adorable photos, we all held hands on the walk to school (10 blocks), and then he ran in and grabbed a seat. The baby who cried hysterically if I dared to leave the room basically shoved me out of his preschool classroom.

first day of school nycjenny

It was so beautiful.

I don’t know any other way to describe it. Back in those exhausted days of babyhood when he wouldn’t take a bottle or let me walk out the door without an epic crying fit, I knew this day would come. I knew that God willing, we’d be watching our boy start school. I just figured that there would be a lot of tears – it was hard to imagine that he could ever learn to be independent. Here we are three and a half years in and he is starting a full day (8:30 – 2:30), five day a week preschool program. He wears a uniform and eats a packed lunch. He ran in to meet his teacher and new friends with all the excitement any parent could dream of. I am so proud of how far he has come.

There is beauty in watching your child grow up. How could I not be excited for him? School was one of my favorite places as a child, I loved learning new things each year-I’d go back for more now if I could! Sure, I’m looking forward to some time for myself. My to-do list is fairly epic at this point… My smile on the first day of school had nothing to do with that though. It had everything to do with this little boy and our excitement for this big step forward into the next stage of life.

Go forth and explore the world, Jack. May you be kind to your new friends and to yourself, learn how to search for answers, never stop asking questions, and know that we will be here always to love you.

First Day of School NYCJenny


Jack’s FIRST first day of school — 5 Comments

  1. This was beautiful. I’ve got a few months to go and I’ll be on the same journey… but with twins! It’s been me and my two little loves for 3 years; and now it’s time for them (AND their father and I) to start a new phase of our lives. (*I’m already getting misty. lol) I hope I can be as mature and logical about “the first day” as you were. 🙂
    – New friend visiting from SITS 🙂
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    • Twins! That’ll be one very exciting first day of school! It’s so awesome watching them get excited for school, their enthusiasm is infectious!

  2. Twins! That’ll be one very exciting first day of school! It’s so awesome watching them get excited for school, their enthusiasm is infectious!

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