Label All the Things! Epson LabelWorks LW-600P Label Printer Review

I recently had the chance to give the new Epson LabelWorks LW-600P portable label printer a try, and I’ll say right now that I am in love. It’s the first app-enabled label printer on the market enabling you to wirelessly create, edit and print labels. You can now use your phone to create all sorts of labels and print them out in seconds via the Bluetooth connected LW-600P.  I’m telling you, this is nothing like the old label makers we’re used to!

Epson lw-600p label maker nycjenny

The first thing you notice out of the box is that the LabelWorks LW-600P has no keyboard. To create labels you will need to add the Epson iLabel app to your phone or device (available for both iOS or Android). You can also go old school and use the USB cord included to connect to your computer and create labels via Epson’s Label Editor software. But the app is where it’s at, and it’s what makes this label maker so versatile and still totally portable. The app has handwriting mode for custom drawing, speech-to-text voice transcription, over 100 label design templates and 400 symbols, and the ability to create QR codes and barcodes. Add in the ability to import custom graphics like symbols, logos and even photographs and the possibilities are truly endless.

Now let’s be honest, there are two types of people in this world – those who love a label maker and those who just don’t see the point. I clearly love them even though I may not be the most organized person on the planet. The promise of order and calm when you hold a loaded label maker in your hand just cannot be denied. I loved the office label maker back when I was an admin in a busy midtown firm – I’d label anything and everything. Now that I’m the mom of a preschooler (!) my label maker is really getting a workout! Kids lose things all the time and labels help our lost things find their way home. The LW-600P is compatible with a wide variety of tapes including several I didn’t even know existed like ribbons and iron-on! The iron-on tape is what got me seriously excited for this review. Jack started preschool this year and has to wear a uniform, and you better believe that all pieces must be labeled with his name. So many kid’s clothing these days don’t have traditional care tags so a stick-on label or writing a name with a permanent marker just won’t work. You HAVE to iron on a label.

epson lw-600p label maker nycjenny

Jack and I had a lot of fun picking different icons to go with his name, he has two different types of trains, a sports motif and I also found a line drawing of a space shuttle to download that worked reasonably well. Within a few minutes we had all his uniform shirts ready to go.

epson iron on labels nycjenny

epson iron on labels lw-600p

I trimmed the corners on one to be more rounded as suggested in the instructions (to make it more difficult to peel off), but two and a half weeks into school I haven’t noticed a difference between that one and the non-trimmed labels. Time will tell, and in the meantime I’m labeling the rest of his uniform pieces and everything else that goes off to school! Switching tapes is easy as pie with a side door that swings wide open, tapes just pop in and out.

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Want a peek at some other uses I’ve found for this highly portable device? My theater company has a production currently running and I made a batch of quick little labels to add to our publicity materials. We can add a QR code to direct people to our website, providing information that is impossible to fit on a little bookmark! The LW-600P can be powered with the included power cord or with batteries, making it very portable. It’s very small and light. I can just toss it in my bag to bring down to the theater if we think we’ll need it.

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With an open-source development platform, the LW-600P allows for third-party developers to create apps for even more specific uses. One already out that intrigues me is the app. This app allows users to link a photo, video or audio clip from their mobile device to a QR code that they can print and add to scrapbooks, greeting cards and more. Think of the digital messages you could surprise loved ones with in a birthday card! I’m already plotting fun ways to use this one.

I’ve been using this label printer for for both home and business purposes and find it very useful. And addicting. I want to label all the things! If you’re going to be exploring adding QR codes and some of the other more advanced features you should give this model of a try. I think it’s an amazing little machine that is a huge step up from the more traditional label makers on the market!

The Epson LW-600P has a MSRP of $99.99 and can be purchased at






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