Victoria’s Secret Makes Sports Bras!

I assume that by now every living person in the Western Hemisphere is familiar with Victoria’s Secret, correct? How many of you knew that in addition to their sexy little things (and wonderful cotton staples, thank you very much) they make sports bras? I confess that I had no idea, at least I didn’t until Influenster selected me to test out their new line of sports bras and bottoms. You can imagine I was pretty excited when one of their signature pink boxes arrived on my doorstep.

Influenster victoria's secret package nycjenny

Inside was the Incredible bra and Knockout tight and several 25% off coupons that I shared with my best girlfriends. I tried these on immediately and was excited at the thought of having new workout wear to keep me moving with my back to school goal of actually WORKING OUT again.

If you’re looking for a maximum support bra that will hold you in place – no wiggle jiggle room at all? The Incredible is your new best friend. It’s a bit tricky to get on though and that did give me pause. I liked the support, but didn’t love having to pull it on over my head. So I kept going back to this paragraph on the literature sent with the gear: “No one fits you like Victoria’s Secret Sport…wearing the right size is essential to getting the support you need…stop in a Victoria’s Secret store anytime for a free bra fitting or to exchange your sport bra!”

I felt I had to give it another try. So without a receipt and only my word I went to my local Victoria’s Secret in search of the perfect sports bra for me. The staff was super helpful, measured me and listened to my fitting dilemma. Was it hard to put on because it was the wrong size, I wondered. A new size was selected and a completely different style – after all, they make so many different styles of sports bras, why settle for something you’re not in love with?


I was fitted and fell in love with the Knockout bra. It too is a maximum support bra, but the big difference for me is the front closure. you click together the inner underwire bra and then zip up a smooth outer layer. It looks more like a crop top and is so cute in addition to being super supportive. I always end up taking off my tee in yoga so a cute bra is necessary! I love how comfortable this bra is – I wore it for hours after my morning long walk around Central Park one day and never got uncomfortable.

knockout bra victorias secret nycjenny

The Knockout tight is pretty fabulous. The fabric is nice and thick and I believe will provide nice warmth as the weather starts to get colder. I’ve loved wearing these for school drop-off as well as walking around the reservoir or taking a yoga class. They are just so comfortable and flattering too. Let me put it this way, I’m not afraid to wear a shorter top with these, if you know what I mean.

VS Sport bra and tights nycjenny

While I was at Victoria’s Secret getting fitted I also tried on the Angel Bra and really loved it – it’s beyond cute with its criss-cross straps. This will probably be my next purchase if I really, truly get back in the yoga habit and not just a random class here and there. If I make a commitment and stick to it, I’ll reward myself with this in pink!

victorias secret angel sports bra nycjenny

If you’re on the lookout for a new sports bra, give Victoria’s Secret a shot. I am loving their new sports line and think you will too!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.


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