10 Ways Entertaining Babies Is Different From Entertaining Grownups

This guest post is from David Jacobson. When I saw him tweet last week that he was looking to do some guest posts – I jumped on that because you guys should meet David. Trivia master, husband, and a parent with his sense of humor still intact! He’s good people…

I’m the owner of a professional trivia event production company, meaning it’s my job to entertain people – either through employee team building, holiday party and corporate entertainment events in NYC & beyond, or via the city’s biggest public trivia nights hosted by NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

I’m also the parent of two children under age three, meaning I’m completely screwed.

You see, entertaining young kids is nothing like entertaining adults; they’re two completely different animals, and I should know – I live it every day. How do they differ? Here’s a brief explanatory chart:

10 ways entertain babies nycjenny

I’d like to point out this tweet from our local news station NY1 from Halloween night – look at those cuties up far too late and hyped up on sugar! I think they’re hitting number 8 on that chart? David clearly knows how to entertain those babies 😉



David Jacobson Trivworks NYCJenny David Jacobson is the founder of @TrivWorks, a professional trivia event production company based in Brooklyn. He is the father of two extremely cute kids who drive him crazy, but he still loves them.





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