An Island Christmas by Nancy Thayer – Book Review

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to read. Those who REALLY know me, know that I love a good romance from time to time. I confess – I love a little escapist literature every now and then. When Spa Week Daily asked if I would like to review a new Christmas romance by Nancy Thayer for their book club, I didn’t hesitate to say yes!

An Island Christmas Thayer NycjennyWhat is it about Christmas and romance novels? The market is flooded with new holiday themed romances every year – I am clearly not the only woman alive who wants to curl up and lose herself in a sweet, happy ending novel every December. It’s definitely a ritual with me, I like to pick a new one each year and will also pull out an old favorite or two to relax with. Call me crazy, but reading about love and joy all set to the tune of Christmas carols just puts me in a good mood. Bonus points if it has a snowy setting.

Nancy Thayer’s latest Nantucket novel, An Island Christmas, has all the elements that get me in the holiday spirit. Is Nantucket at Christmas really as adorable as she paints it? Because if so I would like to know where I can sign up to go right now. I want Christmas lights, carolers, decorations, and a snowfall as soon as possible please!

The setting is gorgeous and the characters are fun to meet too. There’s the loving, slightly over-bearing mom, the perfect sister with her perfect husband, a Manly Man of a fiancé, and a crazy cat. You know I love a book with a good cat involved. In An Island Christmas a wedding has been planned for Christmas Day and the bride’s mother and sister intend for it to be perfect. Of course they do! I found myself identifying most with the mother in this story because don’t we all want the holidays to be perfect for our family? I gave a little cheer inside each time she managed to sit down and let go of the idea of perfection. Being with family is what really matters and if the cat destroys the Christmas tree while dinner burns in the oven…oh well!

There are lots of little plot twists and unexpected surprises along the way to keep you turning the pages. The characters are all likable and fun to get to know. Thayer does a marvelous job of drawing her readers into the family dynamic and makes us feel every moment of the craziness that is family at holiday time. Make that double crazy because there’s also a wedding involved! I loved being along for the ride as they were all reminded what the holiday season is truly about.

I highly recommend taking some moments in your own hectic holiday schedule to enjoy some time for yourself. Make a cup of hot cocoa, coffee or tea, and curl up with a sweet Christmas story to get yourself in the spirit. An Island Christmas certainly did it for me!

Many thanks to Spa Week Daily and Ballantine Books for providing me with a finished hard copy of An Island Christmas in exchange for my honest review.

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