Easy DIY Christmas Tree Memory Ornament

Yes, I realize it’s mid-January and perhaps not the best time to blog about Christmas related crafts, but my Pinterest feed is still jammed with holiday crafts and Instagram tells me that many of you are just now taking down your trees. Let’s all be comfortable in our procrastination together.

When we took our tree down earlier this month, we all got a little sentimental. It was our first Christmas tree together as a family, and Jack enjoyed it so much. Roger asked if we could keep a piece of it and I remembered seeing memento ornaments where you saw a circle from the trunk and use a wood burning tool to put the year on it. First thing – I don’t have a saw. Second thing – WOOD BURNING? We settled for snapping a small branch off. It sat on our kitchen counter drying out until I saw these beach ornaments and inspiration struck. I give you, the world’s easiest Christmas tree memento:

Christmas Tree Memory Ornament

Everyone knows the needles from your Christmas tree fall off far too easily. Scoop some up and put them in a little glass vial with a tag stating the year and anything special you want to remember. In future years I’ll probably stamp a tag like the beach ornaments, but I wanted to remember it was our FIRST tree so I just used my printer to print some tiny words on acid free paper. I used tweezers to keep the paper in front of the needles so the words are still visible. In future years I’d like it a little buried in the needles. This will do though. To finish your ornament off use two pieces of wire to create a hanger. Place one length in a loop over top of the vial and wrap the second around the neck of the vial to hold the loop in place.

Couldn’t be easier. No saw or wood burning required.

I left it on the table for Roger to see when he got home and he was really touched. Now we’ll always have a way to remember our first tree! And lest you think I’m crazy – Balsam or Fir needles have been used in crafts for decades. The Victorians were wild about sachets stuffed with Balsam. Those tree needles that drive you nuts falling from your Christmas tree keep their scent for years!

To recap, here’s all you need:

Christmas tree ornament supplies

  • Small glass vials – I used these Corked Vials by Tim Holtz Idea-ology. (affiliate link!)
  • Christmas tree needles
  • thin wire
  • paper and a printing method (pen, printer, stamps…your choice)

Go forth and craft, my friends! Twine would also be cute on top of these instead of wire. You could hang little embellishments on the neck… You could really go nuts with creativity, but I went for simple. Jack was able to help scoop the needles in and loved putting the cork in once it was filled. The family that crafts together you know!

So, have you taken your tree down yet? Be honest!



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