The End of a Great Year…

So just like that Jack’s first school year is over. In a flurry of end of school performances, stacks of “artwork” sent home, scuffed up white uniform sneakers, outgrown “just in case” clothes found in the back of his cubby, signing for a report card, hugs, high-fives, tears, and extra gift cards for the teachers because I wish I had gotten around to reading to the class just once and now I have GUILT…  it’s done.

Year one is in the books, and I couldn’t even get an in focus picture to document it.


On the left is the first day of school way back in September. On the right is the last day of school. Same uniform shorts and pants – look how he’s grown! I think the last vestiges of baby fat melted off his cheeks while I wasn’t looking. He’s so tall now. And those are his second pair of uniform shoes on the right…at least a full size bigger than the one’s he started with. He’s grown out of fighting over every toy. For the final quarter he FINALLY got the highest mark for “Waits turn while speaking in a group”.

Funny he still can’t wait his turn when it’s just us three at the dinner table…

I cried. I did not cry on the first day of school, but I cried on the last. I cried because it was everything I thought it would be. Oh so much growing was done this year! It’s entirely possible that I was also shedding a tear or two because now it’s summer, and I work from home and what on Earth are we going to do before summer camp starts?

That my friends, is another post. For now I’ll take a rare moment to take a deep breath and look at how much my child has grown. I’m so proud and happy right now. I know the school years won’t always be as great as we imagine them to be, but this first year? It was perfect.


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