6 Ways to Use Huggies Wipes Way Beyond the Baby Years!

My son Jack is way past the diaper stage now, but I still carry Huggies® Wipes everywhere we go. Oh yes, yes I do. I love being that over prepared mom who breaks out a package of  baby wipes to save the day on the playground. Okay, saving the day might be an overstatement, but still… Everyone likes being clean and breaking out a pack of Huggies® Wipes to wipe down the kids’ messes is usually met with smiles by everyone else. It’s not just kids making the messes I need to clean though – there are plenty of adult messes I’m wiping up! Here are a few of my favorite ways to use baby wipes – bet you didn’t know the theater one!

Huggies Wipes NYCJenny

Backstage at the theater: Full confession, I used baby wipes long before I ever had a kid. They are indispensable for me at the theater. Baby wipes should be on every dressing table backstage at every theater. They can be used to wipe off make-up after the show when you don’t have time or the space (hello crazy Off-Off Broadway theater, I’m looking at YOU) to wash at a sink. You can use them to fix mistakes as you apply make-up too. I’ve saved many a botched eyeliner job with a baby wipe. I’m not lying, a nice, thick Huggies® Wipe will take that make-up right off! In those really tight quarters backstage they are handy to “wash” hands, wipe spills, clean a prop or anything else that might come up last minute when there is no way you have time to get to the sink before running on stage.

City feet in the summer: I can’t believe more people don’t do this one. Keep a pack of baby wipes by the front door and wipe your feet down after coming inside! Sandals + NYC Summers = Major YUCK. No joke, the bottom of your feet can get black with dirt and God knows what else during the summer here. I have no idea why we keep wearing sandals, but we do. I know some people who head straight for the bathroom to wash their feet in the tub, but that isn’t always practical and you’re still tracking that grossness all the way inside your home! Best to just keep some Huggies® Wipes on hand and take care of that nastiness before you get any further inside! I’ve made a lot of baby wipe converts with this tip.

Dining out: I always keep a travel pack in my purse. Kids are messy, but sometimes so are grown-ups! This past weekend we were out with family and our server was way off her game (to be polite about it) and didn’t see fit to bring out extra napkins or wet-naps with our messy meals. With one person ordering ribs, another peel and eat shrimp, and yet another having a pot of mussels… my pack of Huggies® Wipes was a welcome help at the end of that meal. Ever tried to feed the baby pasta while out and about? Classic.

Around the house: In a pinch a baby wipe can pretty much wipe down any surface in your home and make it presentable for last minute company. The floor, tables, those dusty baseboards I keep meaning to REALLY clean…

Traveling: How many times have you accidentally spilled something while driving? Or worse, while on an airplane? Whose laughing at me now for packing the baby wipes?!

At the beach or playground: Ice cream is always sold at these places. Enough said.


I could keep going, but I’ll leave you with that mess about to happen!

If you aren’t a convert yet to baby wipes post diapers, Huggies and Wal-Mart have the scoop on Baby Wipes 101. Now you tell me, what are some of the different ways you use Huggies® Wipes?

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